Escape your curse in Nihilumbra, now available on Android

How does it feel like to be born from absolute nothingness? How would you escape from a curse that is threatening to overcome you? Which among the five colors is your favorite? Why were you named Born? These are just some of the questions that you may or may not get an answer while playing Nihilumbra, a new game available for Android devices that will take you on a weird, but definitely interesting trip across the planes of its world.

Mr. Muscle is one of the simplest one-tap games around

Are you looking for the next casual gaming flick to waste your time while on the bus or on the train? Look no further than Mr. Muscle, a one-tap, one hand game that has no pretensions of complexity. It’s just a wrestler that’s lifting weights, and you have to help by tapping in time. Plus, there’s a catchy comedy soundtrack that will stick to your head for hours after you’ve played. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Let a hundred apps flourish with the Android Game Dev Bundle [DEALS]

Summer is here, and with it come vacations and days of fun, some of which translate into some good old-fashioned gaming. But what if you're tired of simply being on the receiving end of such interactive content? What if you think you have the seeds of what could be the next Angry Birds, Candy Crush, or Clash of Clans? Then better roll up those sleeves (if you have any) and dust off that keyboard. You're gonna learn how to make Android games, or apps, with this Android Game Developer Bundle.

Pac-Man franchise gets cool endless runner for 35th anniversary

The 35th anniversary of one of the coolest gaming franchises in history is coming up – we’re talking about Pac-Man, your dot-eating, ghost-chomping, yellow circular friend from the 80s. For this landmark anniversary, franchise owners Bandai Namco has tapped mobile gaming outfit Hipster Whale – creators of Crossy Road – to put their spin on the legendary game, and out came Pac-Man 256.

Atlantic Fleet lets you experience being a Royal Navy sailor

Atlantic Fleet is a new simulation game from Killerfish Games that requires the player to plan tactics and strategize to survive in the Battle of the Atlantic. It's the World War II and you are tasked to take command of those submarines, surface ships, and other carrier and land-based aircraft. There is a struggle for control of the shipping lanes. Are you up to the challenge?

Amazon Game Studios releases new game–Til Morning’s Light

If you may remember, Amazon formed its very own game studio last year to develop and bring exclusive content for the brand's Android devices. Aptly called as Amazon Game Studios, the team has recently released a new game that lets the player unravel the mystery of a 200-year old curse. Til Morning's Light will probably make you play the game for hours until..well, the next morning as you strive to explore and finish all 100 unique rooms in different locations.

Protect the house from monster’s attack in ‘Crystalia: Orb of Magic’

We'll never run out of action games to play on mobile devices. There will only be more game titles to try, epic adventures to play, and new missions to start. If you want to take a break from all those retro-pixel art games we've been featuring and testing lately, why not download the 'Crystalia: Orb of Magic' by Monzee Digital and be reminded of cute graphics and anime tales of evils monsters attacking and trying to get the orb.

Tallowmere challenges you to get out of violent dungeons

Lady Tallowmere is one brave hero that will be the main character of this platformer set in violent dungeons. It's a 2D indie action game that challenges the player to go through each room where enemies, bosses, elites, and treasure chests can be found.

Challenge your cerebral cortex with Words Brain Challenge

There are people who love playing games that practice their hand-eye coordination. Then there are those thrive on number games. But if you're one of the mobile gamers who get excited about letters and words, then we're talking to the right crowd. A new game for Android devices called Words Brain Challenge is exactly what it says it is, a game set to challenge your cerebral cortex, or where language and word processing happens in your brain.

Capture the Yeti while skiing in new Android game

If there is a people-eating yeti reportedly on the loose in a hillside village blanketed by snow, what do you do? Some would say run away from that village as fast as you can. But if you're an adventure-loving skiing addict, you'd probably take out your skiis and hunt for the yeti yourself right? Well, if you're the latter kind of person, then this new Android game called Skiing Yeti Mountain is for you. You won't do any actual skiing or yeti-hunting, except on your mobile device.
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