Radical Rapelling is one heart-stopping adventure game

Halfbrick Studios, the makers of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, has just released a new title for those who want games that pump their adrenaline. The name Radical Rapelling gives us an idea that game is full of action and extreme adventure. This is expected because these Fruit Ninja developers really know the meaning of fun.

Race your yak to glory in new Android game Yak Dash

We've heard of horse racing and even dog racing. But have you heard of yak racing? Apparently, it's a tradition up in the Tibetan mountains, but probably none or just a few of us will be able to see that in person. Thank goodness there's a new Android game called Yak Dash: Horns of Glory that will let us experience the joys of yak racing, even if it's just on our mobile devices.

Be the best food truck owner in Snack Truck Fever

Food trucks are fast becoming a trend in your town and to get ahead in the food business, you need to do everything in your power to be the best. You need to work as fast as you can in matching ingredients and snacks and linking them. All you need to do is serve those finicky customers their orders. Don't make a mistake or else they will get mad at you.

‘Terminator Genisys: Revolution’ goes live on Google Play Store

Early last month, the Android developers silently added a new feature on the Google Play Store: the 'Pre-register' button. This is a new thing because instead of the 'Install' button beside an app, you would see the new button. The first game listed for pre-register was 'Terminator Genisys: Revolution' and good news, it's now available and ready for download.

Defy physics in Zen Studios’ Portal Pinball

Zen Pinball 2 and Pinball FX2 are well-known gaming titles for pinball geeks and fanatics. The creators of these games are now taking on a mash-up of sorts, mixing in themes from Valve’s well-known “Portal” franchise into its pinball games. The result, “Portal Pinball – which on other platforms is in the form of downloadable content, but on Android is a stand-alone app.

Help rebuild a house and fight evil in Nubs’ Adventure

Fighting evil is almost always a requirement in most mobile games, and this new one available for Android devices is no exemption. In Nubs' Adventure, you get to help our hero rebuild his house and fight off the evil Reds with the help of a fairy and a giant worm. Yes, it sounds so random and a bit surreal, but you'll probably enjoy this game, if you're into exploratory platformers that are easy to learn and not so difficult to master, but still challenging at least.

Plants vs Zombies 2 brings you to a Lost City in newest update

For some, the craze has been over for quite some time, but there are still mobile gamers out there (you probably included if you're reading this) who still can't get enough of their zombie-killing plants. We haven't had a major update from EA lately, and so they're making up for lost time with what promises to be a two-part update for Plants vs Zombies 2. First up is a chance to explore a whole new world overrun with zombies, in New World: Lost City.

Ascend the skies in Bunny Goes Boom!

Little bunny must fly up high to finish the challenge riding a giant carrot or a firework. This simple arcade game requires you to touch sides of the screen to steer and control the movement of the bunny. Aim of the game is to avoid ducks, airplanes, hawks hungry for bunnies, and cloud sharks with jetpacks.

GameFly game streaming service launched for Amazon Fire TV

With a good number of great TV-centered devices launched recently, it looks like everybody will have to fight for their spot and market share on that niche. Amazon’s Fire TV has not been particularly a hit to begin with, and as NVIDIA rolls into the market with the SHIELD TV console and the Google Nexus Player gaining traction as both a TV and gaming console, Amazon is keen to show that it has something to offer – beginning with offering GameFly Streaming for the platform.