Create your own race with MiniDrivers Android game

If you're a fan of the animated series MiniDrivers, or if you're just looking for a different kind of mobile racing game, then this new Android game might just be for you. This is not just like any other typical racing type of game because you can actually be the master of your own fate as you create your own challenges and rules and try to win the race as well.

Madfist and Madfist Retro now have free versions on Android

There are times when all you want to do is smash things on your screen. Okay, we don't mean to actually smash your screen but rather to play a mobile game that would allow you to almost mindlessly tap and smash your way into winning. Madfist and Madfist Retro are two such games, and now they have free versions available to download for your Android devices.

Google Maps is part of Become A Kingsman interactive game

If you enjoyed the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service and would like to become a cool super spy like Colin Firth, you better have Google Maps installed in your smartphone to be able to get the chance to go on an interactive adventure. Your smartphone will not just be your constant companion, but it can actually turn into a "multi-purpose superspy gadget" as you try to finish the tasks set for you in order to Become A Kingsman.

Frozen Synapse Prime makes its way to Android

Double Eleven Studios are bringing their critically acclaimed, award-winning turn-based strategy game “Frozen Synapse Prime” to Android from being a PS Vita exclusive. The game introduces some novel and exciting takes on the turn-based strategy game genre and those have made this game a real hit among strategy game fans.

Niantic gears up for bigger AR game in Endgame: Proving Grounds

Google’s Niantic is upping the stakes in alternate reality (AR) gaming with a new part of its Endgame series coming out. “Endgame: Proving Grounds” will be based on the same basic AR concepts, game players going to real-world places to get items and finish objectives that have consequences within the game. But the stakes are higher, and Niantic is determined to make AR a big thing in gaming, as opposed to the niche market that it is right now.

New Mortal Kombat X gameplay video out, we have no words

We were kinda excited when we heard that NetherRealm was bringing Mortal Kombat back to life again, but we were not expecting this! Mortal Kombat X is the new version of the fighting game staple that has entranced fighting game fans throughout the past generations, and with this new gameplay, it might just steal this generation’s hearts (literally) as well.

Tap your way into the islands with Pocket Mine 2

If you enjoyed the original game and if you like tapping away endlessly on your smartphone, this sequel should make you tap happy. Pocket Mine 2, is obviously, the sequel to the popular arcade game from a few years back. This time you get more explosions, more items to collect, more adventures, and of course more tapping action as you try to make yourself rich through mining as much resources as you can.

Nintendo and DeNA to make Games for Mobile Platforms

Fans of Nintendo have been clamoring for a long time for Nintendo to bring its iconic game characters and properties to mobile devices. Just about every fan of Mario or Zelda would love to see those games come to smartphones and tablets to play on the go. Nintendo hasn’t developed games in the past for mobile platforms other than its own Nintendo DS and 3DS platforms.