Solve the puzzles, translate the language, in Missing Translation

Whenever you enter a whole new world, whether it's through a closet or a train platform, is always a challenge. Well, we assume it will be, based on the books we've read and the movies we've seen. But what if you enter a world where they have a totally difficult language from your own? Then it's doubly challenging. Those are the two things you have to overcome when playing this unique, new puzzle game called Missing Translation, now available for Android devices.

Out There back with new chapters, spaceships in Omega Edition

If you watched Alfonso Cuaron's award-winning film Gravity, you've probably wondered what it would be like if you were trapped in space, all alone, with just your spaceship with you. Well, you can live it out somewhat through the mobile game Out There. And the best news is that it now has an updated version with the Omega Edition, and it comes with updated graphics, new chapters to explore, and new spaceships to explore it with.

Episode 3 of Tales from the Borderlands could be the best one yet

Truth be told, after playing Episodes 1 and 2 of Telltale Games’ take on the Borderlands gaming franchise – an episodic mobile game called “Tales from the Borderlands” – I was pumped, because it was such a great game. I was also sad that Telltale Games did one over itself and would probably not be able to sustain the production of the next few episodes, especially as Episode 2 was really great. These are the times that I am glad to be wrong. Episode 3 is here, and it’s a trip… nay, it’s a journey.

Mines of Mars and Neon Shadow now free to download, ads included

Two Crescent Moon Games have just been offered for free. You can now download Neon Shadow and Mines of Mars Scifi Mining RPG without having to pay anything but you have be patient with all those third-party ads that you will start seeing while playing those games. It can be annoying but hey, at least you've saved a few dollars by not having to pay for the previously premium games.

Vainglory finally arrives for Android, the mobile MOBA game to have

Super Evil Megacorp – yes, that is a legit name for a game developer company if there ever was one – hit the jackpot when they released Vainglory for iOS in November last year. MOBA gaming is a very popular genre, but it is notoriously difficult to execute for mobile platforms. That said, Vainglory is one of the games that bucked that specific trend, and the devs have deemed it popular enough to be launched on Android.

Bounce a small circle around in Ding Dong, now available on Android

When you hear the words Ding Dong, you automatically think of a doorbell or follow it up with the phrase "the witch is dead" (thanks to The Wizard of Oz). But now, if you're a fan of minimalist touch arcade games, you will think of it as the newest one in the market to either drive you crazy or to help you pass the time. Ding Dong is now available as a free game for Android devices.

LEGO Minifigures Online goes out of beta with paid version

LEGO is one of those brands that transcend age. In fact, if you base it on social media posts, you might think adults play with them more than the original target audience of the company. And now that the LEGO empire continues to expand, the Minifigures Online game has gone out of beta and into an actual game. The bad news is that it isn't free anymore, but if you're a true blue fan, you wouldn't mind spending a little money for it, would you?

Mojang is closing down card combat game Scrolls

The real blockbuster news was when Microsoft up and bought game developer Mojang – makers of Minecraft – for USD$2.5 billion. Apparently, Microsoft wanted to build on Mojang’s current moneymaker, which is the Minecraft game. But what of its other games, like the card battle game “Scrolls”? This game went through a highly successful beta and is a relative success story in itself, but Mojang is announcing that it will be shutting the game down by 2016.

Survive the horror of the House of Grudge, available on Android

Why would anyone want to scare themselves to death (well, that may be an exaggeration, but you never know) while playing a mobile game? Then you'd also have to ask why we love watching scary movies or telling scary stories. There are certain people who are fascinated with the horrific and the unknown, and that carries over to mobile games as well. One of the newest ones to try to scare the bejeezus out of you is called House of Grudge, now available on Android devices.