Million Arthur is a card-based RPG by Square Enix and Gamevil

Square Enix is pushing out into new territories, coming with a card battle RPG called “Million Arthur”. The game has previously been released in South Korea, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia, but today – through Gamevil as partner – the game is being released globally. Gamevil is starting with 15 territories today, and will later include North America, Europe and other markets.

Machinima releases Android app, puts content within reach

Machinima started as a Youtube channel, that’s probably where you’ve heard of them first. Their main gag was using game videos, gameplay replays to make original movies, humor clips, music videos, and whatnot. Now they’re trying to get their content closer to users by making it available through an app – free to download via the Google Play Store.

Doodle Draw is first Facebook game on Messenger

Since Facebook announced last April that they were opening up the Messenger API to app developers, we knew it was only a matter of time until games finally come on board. But while there were a lot of GIFs, video, and even talking pet apps, we had yet to see one that you could really call a game on this message platform. But now, the first "official" game has arrived, and Doodle Draw may be something familiar to those who played a similar game a few years back.

Escape the wrath of the Eye God in Ruby Run, now on Android

You've seen enough Indiana Joneses and The Mummies and Nights at the Museums to know that nothing good ever comes out of stealing gems from angry gods buried in tombs and caves. But of course, we never really learn don't we? Well, at least, it's all just a game with Ruby Run: Eye God's Revenge, a new side-scrolling platformer game now on Android, from the creators of Hopeless: The Dark Cave.

Kamcord lets you record your game while you play on Android

If you're a serious mobile gamer who spends hours everyday on your favorite game, and if you happen to be pretty good with whatever game you're playing, then chances are, you've always wanted to record yourself while playing. Kamkord is one of the go-to tools of these kinds of gamers, and now, doing the recording and streaming will become easier if you're on the Android platform, as now you can do it on your mobile devices.

Time for a #FreakOff with evil circus bosses in Freak Circus Racing

Anywhere you work, no matter what industry, there will always be an evil boss or even evil bosses. The circus is apparently no exemption, and it is what you're up against in Freak Circus Racing, a new game now available on Android devices. Not only will you race against said evil bosses, but you also need to do it on a physics based, side scrolling type of game that is full of weirdness but ultimately fun as well.

Square Enix updates Final Fantasy: Record Keeper, free in-game currency

We have some updates to Square Enix and DeNA’s lovechild – that is, Final Fantasy: Records Keeper. We talked about the game at length, basically it’s a rehash of all your favorite Final Fantasy moments, together with the Final Fantasy characters that you’ve grown to love (because nostalgia is great like that). Square Enix has just added some new content to the game, including a way for you to earn free in-game currency.

Experience “true touchscreen football” with Tiki Taka Soccer

If you're not a football fan, then probably you would think that the words "tiki taka" is some specie of insect or something. But if you're reading this, then you're probably already familiar with this kind of passing football that brought Spain the World Cup trophy back in 2010 (let's not talk about what happened in 2014). But now it is a new football game available on Android devices and it claims it is the first "true touchscreen soccer" game in the market.

Lead zombies to their bloody death in Blood Collector

When you see a game called Blood Collector, you would automatically think it involves a vampire or a blood bank in desperate need of donations. But zombies wouldn't probably figure in the top five if you tried to guess which creatures would be in the game. But that's exactly what the game is all about, as your task is to lead the walking dead to their, well, real death because someone need to collect their blood for some experiment.