Rooftop Frenzy makes you a stick figure Kung Fu master

If you like fighting games on your mobile device, this new Android game might pique your interest. The game is called Rooftop Frenzy and it puts players into the black, blobby shoes of a stick figure. This stick figure happens to be a Kung Fu master bent on ridding his city of evil.

Late Again teaches you how to avoid, hide from your boss

Whenever I'm late for a meeting or an appointment, I'd wish that with just a snap of my fingers I could be at the venue in an instant. I know that's impossible so I'd just wish to run or drive as fast as I could. But when you're late, you're late. You can't hide that but you can trick your boss by acting as if you're doing work like collecting files along the way to your desk.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves makes its debut on Android devices

If you were a fan of the Fatal Fury fighting game series entitled Garou: Mark of the Wolves which was released back in 1999 on the Neo Geo gaming console, then you'll be happy to know that the game is now making its way to mobile devices, albeit with a whole host of new characters, a brand new way of playing it, but with the familiar story and adventure that captivated gamers in the first place.

EA soft launches Need For Speed: No Limits in select regions

Before it has even launched, Need For Speed: No Limits – the newest installment of the famous car racing game franchise – has already been making waves all over the intarwebs because of a controversial new feature within the game – which is the gas/fuel limitation. Quietly, gaming giant Electronic Arts (EA) has soft launched the game in a few regions, with the fuel feature supposedly in the game.

Total Destruction turns you to a “Blast Hero” through you Android device

While you would never do it in real life (and if you would want to, you need to talk to someone about that), blowing up things seems to be like something fun to do, if you will not hurt anyone, and if it's not illegal at all. Well, as with a lot of things nowadays, there's an app to help you live out these things at least in the digital world. Even based on the title of this new game, Total Destruction: Blast Hero, you already know it's going to be loads of things (if you're into blowing up things).

Jolly Jam: colorful, fruity Match 3 game to relieve your stress

Sometimes, when you need a stress reliever or a distraction from all your work and problems, a good ole Match 3 game is just what you need. If you're tired of complicated RPGs or brain-melting minimalist puzzle games, just the ability to match 3 of a kind is the simple, perfect solution to an afternoon of either boredom or frustration. Jolly Jam is the newest kid, or rather, jelly on the block, and it might just be what you need now.

Video games are serious business with Unity3D [DEALS]

With several billion dollars worth of sales every year, the video game industry is expected to continue its monumental growth over the next few years at least. Much of that growth is due to the increasing number of platforms that games can be played on. While computers and consoles used to reign supreme, mobile devices now are a dominant force on the video game landscape. The mobile device video game industry is strong and will only get stronger. Android Community Deals readers can, for a limited time only, save hundreds of dollars and claim a piece of the industry for themselves and solidify their professional futures by purchasing the Unity3D Game Developer Course Bundle.

While your time away with Bing Bong arcade game

If you have a little downtime on your hands and you don't want to spend it just scrolling through your Facebook or Twitter feed, chances are, you'd want to just mobile games that are not too complicated but should be addictive enough to keep you occupied. Lately we've seen the rise of the minimalist arcade games, and we're welcoming another one to the fold. Meet Bing Bong, now available for your mobile game needs on your Android smartphone and/or tablet.

Become the Monkey King in new endless runner game

If you're a fan of Chinese movies or even ancient Chinese legends, then the story of the Monkey King will be familiar to you. There have been poems, books written about it, and there is even a blockbuster movie starring Hong Kong superstar Donnie Yen. This new Android game from Ubisoft may have just loosely based its storyline on this legend, but it's no less fun, if you're into Chinese pop culture, endless runners, and becoming animals, at least on your mobile device.