Ramen Sensei wants you to bring in more customers

Any mobile game with food or restaurant as theme always make me crave for that particular dish or cuisine. It all started with Diner Dash which I remember once got me playing for hours. Game was so simple but I was hooked. I even started dreaming about owning a restaurant. We've seen numerous copycats already that got you and me striving for speed, strategy, and some more virtual money or rewards. This time, it's our favorite Japanese noodles turn. Ramen Sensei will not only make you addicted to the game. It will also make you crave for ramen.

The Enchanted Cave sequel now out for Android devices

A full-fledged mobile game version of The Enchanted Cave 2, the sequel to the best-selling game of the same name, is now available for your Android device. If you love dungeon crawlers or if you've never tried that genre yet, this is a game that you can try out as it has most of the familiar staples of the game. So whether you're a newbie or a dungeon crawling expert, this new game, the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, is easy to learn, easy to master, but fun to play.

Susume Tactics goes from PSP to Android mobile devices

Back in 2012, Susume Tactics made its debut on Sony's PSP and was considered one of the best strategy games of its time and on the platform. Now, it is making its way to your Android mobile device, bringing you a fast-paced, real-time strategy game where the only objective you should keep in mind is that you must defend your mothership and annihilate all who want to destroy it. Whether you just need a few minutes distraction from your boring routine or you're really in it for the long haul, this game has something for you.

Quantum Bouncy Bits out to challenge your mobile gaming skills

Some mobile games are created to just help you wile your time away. But then there are those games that have been developed in order to challenge your brains, hand-eye coordination, and yes, maybe even your sanity. Quantum Bouncy Bits may fall into both categories. The arcade-like puzzle game may have mnimalist graphics, but that doesn't mean the gameplay itself is simplistic as you'll eventually find out the more you play it.

Blood of Calamity RPG has you chasing, battling ancient demons

With all the RPGs around that you can choose from in the Google Play Store – and not all of them very good to begin with – an Android gamer would be pretty wary of new RPGs, thinking that it would just be a waste of time to download and install. So we would hope that this new RPG from Kemco – called “Blood of Calamity” – will be worth our time.

Implosion makes you the last hope of the earth before extinction

Console gaming is still very much different from mobile gaming but either way, any fanatic or geeky gamer will find it enjoyable to play something action-packed like this 'Implosion - Never Lose Hope' from developer Rayark. It’s a new Android game where the rest of the human race faces extinction after the earth has fallen 20 years ago.

Arcade game ReRave Plus now available as a mobile game on Android

For the five people (okay, maybe five hundred) who still play arcade games in the mall or an actual arcade, the ideal scenario would be to create mobile versions of your favorite games so you can take them anywhere with you. That's what a lot of developers are currently doing, and the latest one to be adapted to your smartphone or tablet is ReRave Plus, which combines "music, rhythm, and touch accuracy" to make a game that can both be a productivity killer and a challenge as well.

Level Up ! The Top 5 Games of April 2015

Another action packed month has passed in the Android world and it's time to bring you April's pick of addictive and fascinating games.With the arrival of Avengers: Age of Ultron on the big screen, you'd think that Marvel-ous titles would be our top pick for this month. Sadly, that isn't the case, though one new possible winner came a bit too late to the party. Nonetheless, April still had its fill of explosive games. In fact, they might be too many to mention all once. To help guide your attention, we bring our top 5 choices for April 2015.

Wings Remastered now available on Android

Because technology is quickly pushing to HD, Ultra HD, and QHD, any image or video graphics must also be updated. When it comes to graphics, designers remaster them to give an instant uplift of design. Aside from making HD versions of videos, some games are being remastered. Remember DuckTales from the 80s? That one is now in HD, ready to satisfy the current generation.