Jet Car Stunts back with a more daredevil sequel

Probably, one of the biggest appeals of car-racing mobile games is the fact that we can drive as crazy as we want, be as much of a daredevil as we can never be in reality, and all without real-life consequences. And what if you could combine a car and a jet in one vehicle that can defy the law of physics, at least digitally? That is why Jet Car Stunts became really successful and now it's back with a sequel that will make you both look forward to and dread the possibility of this coming true in the distant future.

Foosball Cup goes world class in new Android game

If you're still on a post-World Cup hangover, even almost five months after the biggest world football tournament ended, you have probably been reliving your frustrations on mobile games. If you want to try something rather than the traditional football style, then you can try out the newest iteration of the Foosball Cup Android game, which has now gone World style, just like there's an actual Foosball World Cup.

Save the world from E. Ville in Agent, Run! Android game

If you've ever fancied yourself to be a James Bond (or maybe Max Smart from Get Smart?) type of secret agent, out to save the world from megalomaniac evil professors who aim for world domination, then chances are, you would want to play games like Agent, Run! if only to live for digital thrills. Yes, this is an endless runner type of game, but is more gesture-based rather than just turning your device to make your character run, well, endlessly.

Dig deep and match three in Puzzle to the Center of the Earth

Does anyone still remember the Jules Verne book or the subsequent movie, either the original or the remake, Journey to the Center of the Earth? Well, this new game is not related to that even if it has certain words and elements in common. Puzzle to the Center of the Earth (now you see?) is a unique blend of match three, platforming and digging game that should see you occupied enough to stop thinking about how this relates to the book or movie (really it doesn't).

Galaxy Life takes you on an inter-galactic multi-player adventure

Space travel and inter-planetary adventures may not yet be possible at this time (crossing fingers it will be within our lifetime) but through the wonder of mobile games, you can practice how you'll do it when it's the real deal. Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures is a massive multi-player online strategy game which is not just a great way to practice colonizing other planets and races but is also a great way to interact with adorable aliens and creatures.

Vega Conflict brings space battles and adventures to Android

If you've been hankering to take control of a space fleet and do battle in outer space, you'll finally get your chance to do so, well at least through your mobile devices. Popular PC game Vega Conflict has now made its way to Android smartphones. You now get to be your own little rebel force against the Vega Confederation and you'll get to continuously wage your war against them through various devices, including your phone, the tablet and if you're old school like that, your PC.

Go on a robot adventure with Big Hero 6 tie-up mobile game

The new Disney animated film Big Hero 6 is set to open on November 7, and of course just like any adventure-type movie now, it has to have a mobile game tie-in. Big Hero 6 Bot Fight is set a year after the events of the movie, but don't worry, there are no spoilers here (or so we hope). This is a match 3 game, so it shouldn't be that complicated. But you probably should have seen the movie, or at least the trailer, to have some appreciation for the game.

Guns ‘n Glory Heroes now optimized for Android Wear

Did you ever dream of using your watch to fight off evil forces that are hell bent on attacking you? Well, this new game may be the closest thing you've got. Tower defense game Guns 'n Glory Heroes has now been optimized so you can play it on your smartwatches running on the Android Wear platform, namely the LG G Watch, the Moto 360, the Samsung Gear Live and the Sony Smartwatch 3.

Travel through time with new Cut the Rope game

We're assuming all Cut the Rope fans and players are interested in traveling through different periods of time, yes? No? But if you are addicted to the hugely popular puzzle game, then you'd have no choice but to immerse yourself in history with their adventure game called, what else, Cut the Rope: Time Travel. Om Nom, the cute little protagonist of the original game is back and he's still guzzling candy like crazy, but this time, he also traces his ancestry throughout the ages.