Elemental Wings takes flight to mix RPG, CCG, and shooters

If you're tired of the usual role-playing or card collecting games on Google Play Store, then Joycity's latest release might be worth a shot. Elemental Wings combines several genres into a single anime-styled game that might just have enough elements to keep it interesting. You have the character building of RPGs, the deck building of CCGs, the fast-paced action of a shooter, and the rare vertical scrolling of a flying game. All of that rolled into one free game, with IAP options sprinkled everywhere, of course.

Angry Birds and Sonic Dash crossover happening for 3 weeks only

If you like both SEGA's Sonic Dash and Rovio's Angry Birds, you are going to be a very happy camper for at least three weeks as two of the most popular mobile games are doing a cross-over to celebrate the former's 100th million downloads. Starting today but for a limited time only, three of the best-known super grumpy birds are set to make a special appearance while you're playing Sonic Dash: Red, Chuck, and Bomb.

Kick your way to escape ninjas in Green NInja: Year of the Frog

Ninjas and frogs aren't two things that you automatically link in your head, but a new game available for Android smartphones and tablets has done just that. Green Ninja: Year of the Frog lets you practice your kung-fu skills as you try to escape the evil clutches of some bad ninjas. While it is weird seeing frogs doing martial arts, what can you expect from the game developers that brought you Silly Sausage and Roller Polar.

Threes! now free (with ads) for Android devices

Early last year, a new game called Threes! was finally released for Android devices, and puzzle geeks everywhere were happy. However, for those who don't like actually paying for apps and games, the $2.99 price tag was a deterrent. But now, a little more than a year later, they have finally released a free version of the game, but of course you'd have to "suffer through" some sort of exchange for it.

Lead your country to soccer victory in Striker Soccer America

With the US' surprising victory today over current World Cup champions Germany in a friendly match, some people who caught the game accidentally may have been newly converted into the world of soccer, or as the rest of the world calls it, football. And even though in reality, the US will not be competing in the upcoming 2015 Copa America, well at least you still get the choice to play them, together with 17 other countries in the new Striker Soccer America 2015 Android game.

Unlock interlocking puzzles in new game called … Interlock

When it comes to puzzle games on mobile devices, usually it's either you match things of the same color or kind, or you put things together, or you try to find your way out of mazes and such. But this new game, available now for Android smartphones and tablets, lets you deconstruct the complicated wooden puzzles that are too interlocked with each other that they just need to be pulled apart. And of course, the game's name is Interlock, which is the opposite of what you should be doing.

Bring out your inner vigilante in Hotline Miami now on Android

"Do you like hurting other people?" That's the question that will be posed to you once you start playing this new Android game called Hotline Miami. And no, this is not an S&M sort of game, although it sounds like it. But it still falls under the category of "not safe for kids" as this ultra violent action game deals with murder, criminals, gore and a late 80s Miami setting, so you know what to expect.

EA Sports UFC finally brings Ronda Rousey, other women into the game

It's taken them a while to bring "diversity" into the sport, or at least into the mobile game, but finally women are featuring in the latest update of the EA Sports UFC mobile game for Android devices. The most popular and arguably best women's fighter in the world Ronda Rousey is not only in the game itself, but is also now the cover athlete and the game icon, cementing her status as the current poster child for the mixed martial arts sport.