Help a goat become a rockstar in new Android adventure game

What do you get when you put together a rebellious, bad-ass goat, an oversized rooster with questionable fashion sense and a dream to become a famous rockstar? You get Rockin' Goat a crazy 2D platform adventure game that is complicated yet fun, as you try to help these crazy kids get to the top of the charts, all while overcoming the usual obstacles to that dream, like angry plants, insane traps, and even an apocalyptic meteor.

Rescue fruits and pets from aliens in Joy Flight arcade game

Beware of aliens that are having a bad hair day! It seems that the bald creatures from the other world have discovered the secret to earth's great-looking locks, and apparently, it's all about the fruits (and follicle-challenged people suddenly rush to the fruit market). But for some reason, they choose to attack the "peaceful Zoozoo Village" and take not just the fruits but also some of the animals. Now it's up to you to rescue them in Joy Flight.

Smash blocks with an armadillo in Blockadillo game for Android

Armadillos may look scary (or at least to those who are afraid of mammals with shells) but mostly they're innocuous and are often victims of road accidents because they're jittery and nervous when startled. So basically, they're pretty harmless. But the armadillos in this new Android game are anything but (actually, they hardly look like armadillos) and have one purpose only: to destroy the blocks around them and get you as many points as they can.

Level Up! Dragon’s Quest V, The Witcher Battle Arena, and more

It's been a while since our last Level Up! games roundup, so let's dig right into the past weeks' highlights. Of course, we have a bunch of new games for you, including some from rather big franchises like Dragon Quest and The Witcher. Naturally, some updates are also waiting for the more comic games of Angry Birds and Goat Sim. We even have some sweet deals for those who want to go beyond simple game playing and dive into the world of game making. Welcome to 2015's first Level Up! digest.

Defend Your Life: tower defense game set inside your body

Haven't we been looking forward to a tower defense game, action-packed combat and biology lesson all in just one game? No? Well, even if you haven't been clamoring for it, that is what you will get when you play a new Android game called Defend Your Life. And literally, you are defending the life of the body where the game is set in, as you fight hordes of bacteria and viruses bent on conquering the body.

Help an alien collect jems in inter-stellar strategy game UFHO2

Fans of the inter-stellar strategy game UFHO have waited two years for this, and now, finally, the sequel is here. UFHO2 lets you solve puzzles and challenges, all in the name of helping a jelly alien get as many gems as possible as it travels around the different planets and galaxies. Sounds like a job for those who get easily bored in simple games and are looking for more complicated challenges.

Defenders of Suntoria tower defense game hits Android

If you like tower defense you will want to check out the new game called Defenders of Suntoria. This tower defense game promises challenging game play with lots of missions to enjoy. Defenders of Suntoria features 20 different missions with three different game modes for gamers to play.

Digital version of board game Galaxy Trucker now on Android

If you're a fan of board games turned into digital video games, then this new Android mobile game may just appeal to you. And if you've had a secret dream to become a truck driver or to travel in space, then all the more you should have this on your mobile device. Get ready for Galaxy Trucker, where you'll learn to build a space ship from junk, go against pirates or meteors or both, and train to fly a five-engine ship that has just one engine left.

Traffic Buster makes a game out of traffic management

Has it always been a dream of yours to manage the traffic in your neighborhood or a bustling city? No? But we're pretty sure you have your own ideas of how to solve traffic problems one way or another. Now is your chance to prove your mettle with Traffic Buster, a new Android game that lets you become a traffic guru in a game that should be as exciting as any car racing game, but this time you're on the other side of the law.

Sol Invictus sci-fi gamebook launched on Android

You might be forgiven for not knowing about Sol Invictus – if you didn’t play Kyle B. Stiff’s “Heavy Metal Thunder” which is the predecessor to this gamebook, you might not even know it existed. But we’re here to put a little bit of good old book gaming and science fiction into your world.