Teaser trailers from Star Wars: Uprising, Rayman Adventures

We feature two upcoming games today, both coming out with teaser trailers for all of us. First up is the new RPG from Kabam called “Star Wars: Uprising”, adding to the hype leading towards the new Star Wars movie coming out soon. The second game is from Ubisoft called “Rayman Adventures”, an addition to its Rayman franchise of games.

Escape collapsing building, save mankind with your flying rocket

If you're into action games that challenge your speed and escaping skills, here's a new adventure for you: Escape. The title alone describes that this game from developer Ketchapp will require you to escape from all the atrocities in a world where destruction is common. You ought to escape before it's too late for you to save mankind who's been abandoned for some time. In this game, you are challenged to escape buildings that are about to collapse. If not buildings, mountains are sinking into the ground and you have no choice but to get out---as fast as you can!

Go against the undead, defend towers in ‘Last Hope – Heroes Zombie TD’

More zombies are coming your way. There will never be an end to these walking dead going after you. 'Last Hope - Heroes Zombie' is another tower defense strategy game that involves the zombie horde and you. Go on an all out war against them as a powerful hero, complete with the most epic skills and gear. You are humanity’s last hope. You and the other multiple heroes are called to defend several towers and use them for your strategy. Be smart and be more powerful with all the gear and skills you can gather.

Win the Tour de France digitally in official Android game

Cycling may not be the most beloved or exciting of sports, but it does have its share of die-hard fans who would follow the biggest tournaments, who would know the biggest names, and would follow the latest events. If you're one of those people or if you want to get to know a new sport, even digitally, then you would want to play this new Android game, which is the official companion game of the biggest cycling tournament, the Tour de France.

Help your heroes escape through matching in Tiny Warriors game

There are games that can be won through sheer firepower and brute force. There are those that can be won by your intellectual prowess in solving seemingly impossible puzzles. There are games that can be settled through your excellent hand-eye coordination and sheer tenacity. And then there are those games where victory comes through the ability to put together three shapes and colors, and also sheer dumb luck in the "throw" of the game. Tiny Warriors, a new Android game, is all about that fourth reason.

Spin your phone around with the new Spin Commander game for Android

You've heard of and probably played mobile games that move objects around in order to win. But have you played one where you would have to move your smartphone itself in order to beat the opponent? Well, if your device is equipped with a gyroscope, then you'll be able to take advantage of this rotation detecting sensor and use it for various apps and games. One such game is called Spin Commander and it is now available for Android devices.

‘This War Of Mine’ available now for Android pre-order, get free PC copy [UPDATED]

Most war games on Android will feature you either as a commander of an army who moves troops and vehicles around the battlefield, or a soldier right there in the thick of the battle. But the indie produced game “This War of Mine” hits you right in the grim reality feels – that in war there are civilians who are affected. This is the premise of the game produced by 11 Bit Studios initially for PC but is now available for pre-order on Android.

Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter to arrive at the Play Store next month

We should be used to this by now, as this is obviously not the first time a game has been introduced via iOS first before hitting Android. In some cases, the delay even takes years – so the 1 month delay of Bethesda’s “Fallout Shelter” mobile game coming from the Apple ecosystem to Android should not discourage Fallout fans out there.

‘Minecraft: Story Mode’ coming soon from Mojang, Telltale Games

Hardcore Minecraft fans, rejoice! Just when you're getting bored with all those pixels, a new project by Telltale Games and Mojang is being introduced to tickle your fancy. It's a new game that brings story mode to Minecraft as a standalone game. This new game mode allows the player to make his own choices within the story as part of a narrative. This one isn't just being prepared for Android as it will also be available for Windows, iOS, OS X, Xbox, Playstation consoles before the year 2015 ends.

Show your archery skills, beat the zombies in “Dead Among Us”

Zombies are real. Believe me and there are a lot of them in this first-person shooter game by Rolocule Games called ‘Dead Among Us’. This is another addictive game that will make you sit there on the couch playing for hours because it’s just so fun to shoot ‘em zombies. The walking dead are your greatest enemies and you will have to face them in numerous quests across many towns.