‘Infestor’ lets you control, take on enemies’ traits to finish each level

Puzzle platformer games will never get old because they're classic, plain, and practically easy to finish. Perhaps most hardcore gamers have started with playing and finishing such games that will challenge every player's speed, skills, and coordination. They're all about avoiding obstacles, a lot of jumping, or collecting items just to reach a goal or prize.

Run an investigative adventure in Red Johnson’s Chronicles

Private detective Red Johnson is now more than ready for a new adventure. This game chronicles the adventures of top-notch investigator Red who’s helping out the police in solving the mysterious murder case that recently happened just a few meters away from the Drownedmen’s Bridge.

The hunter becomes the hunted in Deer God, now on Android

Once upon a time, there was a hunter, whose favorite sport was deer. One day, when he was about to shoot down another one, he was killed by wolves. But instead of going to heaven or hell, he is turned into a deer himself to atone for his sins. Now, he has to survive life as the hunted and hope that, if he does not survive, his next life would be better. That is the backstory behind Deer God, now out on Android devices.

Rebuild your city post-zombie apocalypse in Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville

With the popularity of such shows like The Walking Dead, we tend to become more engrossed in the fighting and killing of the zombies and the dramatics that go along with it. But what happens when the zombie apocalypse is almost over or has become something that you’re just used to? It’s now time to rebuild your city because you can’t spend your life just running from them right? This is what Rebuild 3; Gangs of Deadsville is all about.

Be the meanest robot pilot, rule the battlefield in Walking War Robots

I've always wanted to fight against robots as a "robot", or at least controlling one, but I know that would never happen in real life. Maybe not in this lifetime. For now, I'll just content myself with playing the 'Walking War Robots' and imagine that I'm the best robot pilot in the city. A battle between robots can be dangerous but you're not in a real battlefield so might as well give your all and fight mean in this multiplayer action game on mobile.

Angel Sword, an RPG from 8-bit to 3D, but is it any better?

DVide Arts came out with “Angel Sword” in 2011 in a purely iOS release, but it wasn’t in this new format yet. What it was, was an 8-bit Zelda type RPG that was never warmly received in the platform. There were a lot of problems in the game design and gameplay that the game never really took off. Now DVide is almost re-releasing the game as a full 3D multiplayer RPG. The question is, will it work?

Witness the disturbance unfold, fight a horde of foes in ‘Asdivine Dios’

I'm sure playing 'Asdivine Dios' will remind you of the early 2000's when you're glued to your computer screen playing an RPG title you're so addicted to. In this day and age, be glad that you don't need a big screen or powerful desktop to enjoy your favorite games because every title you can imagine, even the classic ones, can now be played on your phone or tablet. Here's a not so new role playing game for you: Asdivine Dios. It's a sequel to a previous game about some divine encounters--Asdivine Hearts.

Goat Sim gets multiplayer online version in Goat MMO Simulator

I can’t believe it’s almost a year since Coffee Stain Studios made our goat dreams a reality on Android. Even if it’s a premium app, there were still people crazy cool enough to pay for this game that lets you be a goat for a day or for as long as you can stay glued to the screen. The madness continued with a new city map being added and zombies were added to the craziness. We anticipated more fun would be added to the game and looks like it's time for the next-generation Goat simulation to be experienced.