Madfinger gives us fully moddable Shadowgun: Deadzone

Game developer Madfinger Games has just announced something that should, at the very least, interest all you mobile gamers out there. The outfit is coming out with a special edition of their hit shooter game “Shadowgun: Deadzone” that will be fully customizable and moddable. This will be called Shadowgun: Deadzone Game Master’s Edition, and it gives users the ability to create new maps, modify weapons, characters, and other elements of the game. Sounds fun, right?

TheoTown is another SimCity like city-building game

I told you. The pixel art style in mobile games is slowly becoming a trend. Instead of really stunning graphics and colors, such games will show more pixels (squares) in a retro kind of way. If you're a fan of SimCity, you'll be glad to know there's a new version that will probably bring you back to 1989 when SimCity was first released. In TheoTown, you can do anything you want. Build more houses, develop more buildings, schools, parks, and more. It's up to you how to make the town more enticing to live in.

Nintendo, DeNA to put out first mobile game by end of 2015

Nintendo has famously said that it will “take it slow” when they finally jumped on the mobile game bandwagon. For this, they struck a partnership with mobile game developers DeNA specifically for their mobile gaming nous. We’re finally nearing the point where we can start speculating about which Nintendo franchises will turn up officially on mobile, as both companies have come out saying the first game will be out by end of 2015, with the rest following until April 2017.

Escape the war zone with style in Ramboat: Hero Shooting Game

If you're a fan of Sylvester Stallone's classic Rambo character, you've probably been wishing that someone would make a mobile action game based on the movie. The wait is almost over...that is, if you like your Rambo cute and caricaturish. A new game, which has been hailed by Time Magazine as one of the 5 best mobile games this year so far, is now available for Android devices. Let the Ramboat shooting games begin.

See the bird’s POV with Cardboard Flappy Android 3D game

The Flappy Bird craze may have already died, but given the chance to see the game from the bird's point of view, wouldn't you take it? This is the idea behind the new game Cardboard Flappy, but this time, instead of tapping the screen, now you get a literal bird's eye view as you fly through pipes. All you need is to have an Android smartphone, a Google Cardboard headset, and the ability to dodge those pipes in order to fly free.

Let’s Go Rocket will make you fly endlessly, as high as you can

Let's Go Rocket is another endless action game that will make you playing for hours. The objective of the game is to see how far you can fly up. There's no end to this but you need to launch the rocket and avoid the obstacles while you look for ways to boost the rocket by collecting the gems you see.

Get high on fuel (not literally) with Car Racing 3D game

Another day, another racing game hits the Android market. If you're not into that sort of game genre, then this news will not appeal to you. But if you love trying out new racing games in your quest to find your favorite one, then you'll be excited to know there's a new kid on the block. Car Racing 3D: High On Fuel lets your race through the streets of Trip Island for an adrenaline rush that only a mobile racing game can give you.

Explore a distant alien planet in Exiles, free version now available

Several months after Exiles, an adventure in an alien world, was released for Android, a free version of the Sci-Fi 3D role playing game is now ready for download. It's just the free version so don't expect you'll experience the full game set in a distant planet that's been driven to desolation and isolation. The evil government tries to bring in a lethal virus to enslave the people and anyone trying to rule the planet.

Bring the creatures back home with your voice in WUUUUUUUUUUUU

If you hear the person beside you just "wuuuwing" at their smartphone, don't worry, they're not scaring their device into submission. Most probably, they are playing a game called, what else, WUUUUUUUUUUUU. The only way to win is by talking to your smartphone, and telling it, you guessed it, WUUUUUUUUUUUU until the creatures that you are helping finally get home to the house they're supposed to be in. This simple but highly unique game is now available on Android devices.