Alphabear wants you to master game boards, collect more bears

You can't stop the kids from using your smartphone or tablet. Admit it or not, you sometimes use your mobile device as a babysitter. It's not really bad to let them use your gadgets once in a while. The burden is on the parents to discipline, teach their kids, and provide time limit for tablet or phone use. If only all games and apps on the Play Store is like this Alphabear, then we won't have any problem but it's not really the case.

Take the Mushroom Wars into Space with new game, now on Android

If you enjoyed the first installment of the Mushroom Wars, the new storyline will send you into orbit as the little Mushroom warriors now try to conquer other planets. The new game called Mushroom Wars: Space! continues where the first game left off, but now you get to deal with aliens, inter-planetary travel, and all sorts of space shenanigans in this popular real-time strategy game, originally available on the Playstation, but now ready for your Android devices.

Be the biggest cell you can be in, now on Android

You’ve heard it being talked about by casual gamers. You’ve seen your officemates or friends playing it on their PC’s. You yourself may have been playing it on your own computer. But now, you can take the game with you everywhere, as the cell-eating craze is now available for your Android devices. But if you’re playing it for the first time, you’ll be surprised to know that it’s not an RPG with the most advanced graphics or the best storyline, but rather a minimalist online game where you aim to be the biggest cell in the block.

Flip tokens to attack and start a battle in Super Awesome Quest

Super Awesome Quest is another RPG that stars three heroes on an adventure of a lifetime. All three are trying to earn back the honor and riches they lost by fighting bounty hunters, the undead, dragons, and an evil army. They're super awesome but they still have to prove that they can finish the challenges set before them.

Be the best jewel trade merchant in ‘Splendor’ digital board game

Geeks and nerds who are familiar with the popular board game Splendor will be delighted to know that the official digital mobile adaption is ready for Android. Yup, Splendor is now downloadable from the Play Store, ready to be played by millions of fans from all over the world. This is yet another strategy turn-based card game that can be addictive, making you play for hours until you've become the best merchant in jewel trade.

Free on Google Play Family: Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake

While most of the apps that become free on Google Play Family are meant to be played by kids, no one's really stopping the adults from actually enjoying these free apps. The mechanics and gameplay may be simple for the games, but hey, sometimes simple is actually good and enjoyable. This week's free game is an adventure game called Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake, from the folk over at Cartoon Cake, and it's filled with monsters and cakes, obviously.

Get the ball past aliens., tanks, and cows in FootLOL Android game

While football (okay, soccer, if you insist) is pretty fun and exciting to watch and play, at times it can be pretty staid and straightforward. Pass the ball around and get it into the net. But what if there were cows, aliens, tractors, fire, and crazy fans involved? That's exactly what you're up against in the new Android game FootLOL: Crazy Football, and judging from the game's name itself, you already know that this isn't your typical football mobile game that you're used to.

Rescue Junior Poundrok, save the rest of the family in Bad Dinos

I know what you're thinking now. Bad Dinos reminds you of The Flinstones. Well, it must be the graphics, colors, the dinosaurs, and the overall cuteness but this one is a tower-defense game that will make you going on an epic adventure to save the son of the Poundrok's. You see, this game is also about a family living in the dinosaur age, trying to survive and evade the dinos. Their son has been captured recently by a flying pterodactyl and it's your job to rescue him while protecting the rest of the family.

Get ready to rumble in Rumble City, now availble on Android

Do you miss those days when you can just get into fisticuffs and rumble with rival gangs anywhere you want? No? Good. If you answered yes, we need to talk. But if you answered, "But I've never been in fights like that", then now is the chance for you to experience this, virtually of course, so there will be no actual blood, injuries or police arrests. Rumble City is a new game available on Android devices, the first mobile game for PC game developers Avalanche Studios.
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