Marvel Mighty Heroes hands-on: a game with too many twists

Given the recent rash of popularity of Marvel's myriad franchises, you can't blame one of the biggest names in the comics industry from trying to squeeze every last dollar from those. We've already seen a lot of Marvel games on Google Play Store, some made by Marvel and some in partnership with game studios. For Mighty Heroes, Marvel decided to go with one of the biggest names in mobile gaming, DeNA. The result? A game that follows the tropes of conventional mobile games but with just enough twists to keep it interesting, at least for a while.

Boulder Dash now has premium version of 30th Anniversary edition

For a game to have lasted 30 years and still be popular even in a new setting is an achievement indeed. Boulder Dash is one of the games that has stood the test of time (and competition!) and to celebrate the 30th Anniversary Edition late last year, they released a free game. But apparently, people are willing to shell out a little more in order to get more than what the free version can give you. So due to insistent public demand, they now have a premium edition for Boulder Dash.

Create and control levels in Doodle Adventures

There are games that are meant to be played. And then there are those that are meant to be created. But if you're not an actual developer, chances are, you rarely get the chance to create your own games. Doodle Adventure is one of those games where you can create and control the levels that the character plays in, even if you don't have software skills. You may not be able to control the player, but at least you get to have a say in the environment.

Hungry Mouth HD teaches you to eat healthy food items

The Hungry Mouth HD is a special game that requires the player, a cute little monster with a hungry mouth, to eat only healthy food items. While choosing and eating healthy items are not as challenging, the monster is situated inside a trash can. You're stuck somewhere dark and smelly. Are there any clean food inside? The main goal is to avoid unhealthy ones. Just make sure you eat so you'll grow strong and someday, be able to escape to a better place--anywhere but inside the trash can.

Slayin for Android is an endless RPG to test your gaming skills

For a game to be successful these days, you would think that it would take some kick-ass graphics and complicated gameplay. But really, sometimes it just takes a simple gaming proposition – you play as a hero, you go defeat the baddies. Over and over again. Well, that last point is an addition to a simple formula by a game called “Slayin” – once only for iOS but now on Android. It’s an endless RPG.

Springening comes to Plants vs Zombies 2 (and brought discounts!)

Spring may be the favorite season for a lot of people because of all the flowers blooming and the sun shining not so brightly. But over on Plants vs Zombies land, it is a time for decaying flesh (but well, there's always that when zombies are around) and flowers forcibly torn from their roots. It's time once again for Springening to come to Plants vs Zombies 2, and they even brought discounts with them.

Space Bounties Inc lets you capture space roving criminals

In a place like space, galactic leaders cannot afford to have space criminals like pirates, warlords and even wayward laser beams run amok. That is why they need the services of space bounty hunters to keep these creatures in check. Enter Space Bounties Inc and your team of agents, and the problem is solved for the universe in this new Android game. As they say, "No bounty mission is too small and no bounty mission is too dangerous!"

Google welcomes April Fools with Google Maps Pacman invasion

Trust Google to always be creative in the way they celebrate online events. April Fools is such a big thing on the internet right now that it’s quite impossible for Google not to do something, as they have done for the past few years. This morning, the mothership started the cute prank early, with respect to time zones who were already on April 1st – this particular one involved our favorite pellet-chomping video game hero Pacman.

Decode the quotes with Next Quote for Android

Has it always been your secret dream to travel back in time to work as a codebreaker during World War II or in the present time, to work for the CIA and help in creating and/or breaking coded messages from around the world? If your answer is yes, then you have to start practicing for the eventuality that someday, you might be called upon to serve your country. Next Quote would be the perfect app to practice on, and be inspired by great thinkers on the side.

All My Gods is a city building game with a Roman twist

There’s a lot to be said about some people’s fascination to become “gods”, to have control over the fate of cities and worlds. Thankfully, we don’t have to go that deep in this article – but only that the Android platform allows some of that to an extent. “All My Gods” is a new game which allows you to practice city building powers as a Roman god.
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