Fruit Ninja coming to other Halfbrick games, get ready for more slicing action

Wow, has it been that long? I can't believe Fruit Ninja, that classic fruit-slashing game, is already celebrating its 5th Anniversary this year. It seems like only yesterday when it started slicing way back in September 2010. Fans will be delighted to know that Halfbrick, the developer behind it is offering some new exciting features not only to Fruit Ninja but also to their other games.

Gameloft’s March of Empires to give more substance to MMO strategy genre

Ever since Supercell hit the jackpot with its MMO strategy game “Clash of Clans”, every other developer out there aimed to get a piece of that action as well. Truth is, nothing as of yet has come to the level of Clans when we talk about numbers, but no one can say that Supercell’s peers have not tried. Here is a new effort from Gameloft called “March of Empires”, and it attempts to give a little bit of depth to the online multiplayer strategy game genre.

Experience pure energy arcade gaming in Cosmo Run

Anything with squares in 3D form will always remind me of Monument Valley. This Cosmo Run game is no different because of the graphics, point of view, and even the sounds. Gameplay is different as this arcade game changes every time. You need to survive the levels as you go on to discover different alternative paths.

Angry Birds 2 gamers angry at relentless asking for money

Just when you thought Rovio will only come up with new versions of its bestselling Angry Birds franchise as a spinoff of some movie, brand, or character, the game developer recently announced 'Angry Birds 2' last week. As expected, millions of mobile users have already downloaded the game, hoping to be entertained once again by Rovio's biggest moneymakers. Game is free to download but in-app purchases are offered.

3 minimalist games now “reborn” for Android devices

There are many reasons why people love (well, most people) love minimalist games. They’re obviously simple to understand and play, while at the same time, they’re not that easy to master and requires a bit of mental skill or hand-eye coordination mastery (or sometimes both). Developer Nickervision has now re-released three of his previous minimalist, one-touch arcade games, with improvements and additions based on comments and suggestions. You can say that these games have been “reborn”.

‘Clandestine: Anomaly’ is an augmented reality tower defense game

Tower defense games as a genre has but all been played out on the mobile platform. Blame it on the perfect union of a touch screen device and a game well-suited and paced for said platform. So believe us when we say we might have seen TD games in all of its possible incarnations – save possibly this new one. “Clandestine: Anomaly” attempts to mix augmented reality (AR) gameplay with standard tower defense mechanics.

Explore a strange world with Barmark, now on Android

Not all games are meant to have specific goals or can be used to be competitive by gathering points or you play to avoid certain death from monsters or enemies. Some are just created to be played and enjoyed, not matter how strange they are. This seems to be what Barmark is about, a point and click exploration game with “no goals, no points, and no death”. And with the pressure off, you are free to just explore the world and enjoy what it offers.

It’s a Warhammer kind of Humble Bundle for you [UPDATED]

A new Humble Bundle is out, and it’s directed at all of you Warhammer fans out there. By this time, you all know what the guys at Humble Bundle are all about – committed to bringing you games on the cheap while funneling all that gaming money you spent to good causes. And here they come again, their factory line of gaming bundles never seems to end – this time, the bundle is full of Warhammer goodies.
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