Rip pretentious art to shreds in Bear vs Art

Among the many famous "rivalries" we've come to know (dogs vs cats, plants vs zombies, coffee vs tea), you would never have thought that bears and art would ever be an inspiration for a mobile game. But as random as it seems, that's exactly what Halfbrick Studios (makers or Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride) have done with their newest game called, well, what else, Bears vs. Art.

Spellcrafter lets you cast spells through gestures on your Android

If you're a fan of wizards and spells type of stories or if you secretly wanted to be a mage who can cast spells with a few waves of the wand, then mobile games that lets you do theses things may be of special interest to you. A new RPG game called Spellcrafter brings you a different spell casting system that you can enjoy "performing" on your Android device, even as you go on a magical adventure filled with quests and fraught with danger.

Games in Motion will let devs make fun games using Google Fit, Android Wear

The Android team has got something new for the developers and soon, for the Android consumers. There's a new open source game sample that was recently introduced to show how developers can make fun games using Android Wear and Google Fit. Officially called Games in Motion, this open source is aimed to bring the fun into your health and fitness activities so you won't be bored while running or jogging.

Tiny Realms now available on Android, only in New Zealand for now

Tiny Realms, the currently popular strategy game in iOS, has finally arrived on Android. There's one tiny problem though: game is only available in New Zealand. This doesn't mean app won't be available anywhere else, New Zealand is just getting it first as part of a soft launch. Developers TinyMob Games has recently finished beta testing so it should be available for all anytime soon.

Drive through the zombie horde to survive in Earn To Die 2

Car-racing games are already fun (if you're into that sort of thing) but what if you added other elements to make it even more intense and give you higher stakes? And what if those elements are hordes of zombies who are just absolutely craving for your brains? Then what you have is the sequel to the game Earn To Die, which is appropriately titled Earn To Die 2. Are you ready to try and survive the zombie apocalypse with just your vehicle as a weapon?

Zynga plots reinvention, launches Empires and Allies strategy game

We’ll understand if you say it has been a while since you’ve heard of Zynga. They were once big when Facebook games were the “in thing”, but a rapid decline also saw Zynga take the full brunt of Facebook being an unstable platform for casual gaming. So here we are, with Zynga pressured to catch up with the mobile gaming industry – their first substantial offering is a mobile strategy game in “Empires and Allies”.

Fish Pond Park will make you the top nature spot manager

After the Ramen Sensei [ kindly insert link :) ] , here's another Kairosoft original mobile game that will make you fall in love with pixel art graphics. I told you, this retro graphics style is trending right now. Take a break from the super HD and complicated games that can make you dizzy because they look too real, games such as the Fish Pond Park will make you playing and cheering out of excitement. That is, if you're into easy and simple games kids will find so enjoyable.

SlenderMan Origins 3 now out to scare, does job well

If you’ve been a fan of all things Slender Man, then I guess you’ll love this new game too. (We ask, “what kind of people love Slender Man?!?” but we digress.) This new game is a proper update to the Slender Man Origins series of games, and has plenty of enhancements on the features that were found in the previous releases. Ready for this?

SwapQuest offers an exciting but old school RPG experience

An old school RPG is what I want complete with pixelized art and graphics plus some enchanting background music. It's all I need to break away from daily boredom and stress. This SwapQuest is a role-playing game that perhaps can make me sit down for a while, focus, and just enjoy the wonders of mobile gaming. Game is a combination of role-playing game and puzzle mechanics that requires the player to defend the Kingdom of Aventana from the Horde--a demon cloud that's scary and destructive.

Attack your enemy with the most unlikely of weapons in Battledots

When it comes to games that involve attacking and defending, more often than not, you get to use various weapons like guns, arrows, catapults, swords, martial arts, etc. But what if you were told that your only weapon would be...dots? Well, that is exactly what this new Android game will make you do, but even if it sounds lame on paper, wait until you start playing Battledots.
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