DUAL! multiplayer game lets you shoot bullets across two screens

Multiplayer games being played over Bluetooth connectivity on two or more mobile devices are nothing new. The only challenge for people who enjoy playing such is finding a game that is really fun and enjoyable to play with another person. Developed by Seabaa, DUAL is a new local multiplayer game that involves two players to shoot bullets. No, not real bullets coming from guns but just bullets seen on two screens. You can either play a DUEL or DEFEND mode depending on your mood. Choose to be competitive in a duel or cooperative by defending your base.

Level Up! The Top 5 Games of March 2015

Greetings gamers and true believers and welcome to the latest edition of Android Community's Level Up!, where we bring you the latest and greatest games and news that have come across our radars for the past few days. In this round, we're doing something a bit different for a change. We're bringing you not just what's new, but also what's hot, or alternatively, what's not. Presenting our selection of the 5 top games for March 2015, starting with number 5.

DuckTales remastered for this generation and the child in you

Retro graphics and 8-bit style may be the currend trend in mobile gaming but nothing beats your old favorite coming to life. I mean those old games you used to play when you were a kid come back in the modern times in high-definition. (Think the Star Wars Trilogy being remastered) The latest item from your childhood introduced and now ready for your kids to enjoy is this: DuckTales.

Steven Universe comes to your mobile device in Attack the Light

If you're a fan of the Cartoon Network animated series Steven Universe, or even if you're not, but you're looking for a fun turn-based RPG, then this new Android game should be on your TBD (to be downloaded) list. Attack of the Light is now available on Android devices and you get to enjoy an all-new storyline from the creator of the series herself and even the original voice cast have lent their voices to this simple but fun game.

DomiNations lets you lead your own civilization to victory

Nexon Mobile is known for MMORPG and recently, it partnered with another video game developer to launch DomiNations. Nexon and Big Huge Games worked together on this epic new strategy game that will require you to construct wonders of the world, build your nation into an empire, and lead enemies to conquer the world. Ultimate victory can be yours from the Stone Age to the Space Age if you promise to become the greatest ruler. All you need to do is choose a nation from the greatest civilizations and defeat rival Alliances.

Bridge Constructor goes Easter-themed in latest update

Since Easter is just a few days away, expect some of the apps and games to have a touch of the eggs or bunnies or any other resurrection-themed elements to be part of their updates. One of the games that are doing this is Bridge Constructor, and if you're already playing the Android game, then you'll experience the Easter Island and the Easter Bunny when the update rolls out to you.

Help a fellow cross a road in The Quest Keeper

In the "tradition" of games like Crossy Road, another randomly-generated dungeon crawler with boxel characters will try to make its way to your fingers and your mobile device. The Quest Keeper sounds like an RPG with outstanding graphics and a complicated storyline, but really, it's much simpler (and to be honest, sounds more fun) than that. The objective is to get your little character across several roads, but it sounds a little harder than that.

Tomb Raider is back in its original glory, this time on Android

You know how a lot of developers are bringing back their well-loved older games and giving it a rejuvenated 3D look or updating it to the more modern feel? Well one of the most loved and most played games from the past decades is coming back as a mobile game, but its makers felt that they had to bring it back in its original glory. Are you ready to welcome back Lara Croft in Tomb Raider into your life, and this time on your tablet or smartphone?

Marvel Mighty Heroes hands-on: a game with too many twists

Given the recent rash of popularity of Marvel's myriad franchises, you can't blame one of the biggest names in the comics industry from trying to squeeze every last dollar from those. We've already seen a lot of Marvel games on Google Play Store, some made by Marvel and some in partnership with game studios. For Mighty Heroes, Marvel decided to go with one of the biggest names in mobile gaming, DeNA. The result? A game that follows the tropes of conventional mobile games but with just enough twists to keep it interesting, at least for a while.
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