Play a tabletop RPG digitally with Paper Dungeons

Translating board games into digital versions can be tricky at times, with the challenge to make it more interactive and exciting than in the physical world. Creating a game from scratch, with a tabletop RPG format and no existing user base to spur it along may be even more difficult. Paper Dungeons is a dungeon crawler with customizable features and a boardgame sensibility and is now out for Andoid devices.

Merchants of Kaidan, an RPG that focuses on your trading skills

Well, here’s a new thang – that a game will focus not on action but on your wits and street savvy. That’s what the new game “Merchants of Kaidan” will bring to your Android gaming experience. There’s not much visuals, but it might just offer something new for those who want to think through their games.

Mikey Boots looks like a game from the 80s

A new game has landed on Android called Mikey Boots. The name sounds like some sort of gangster from the movies and the graphics remind me of something for the 80s, only better. The idea behind the game is that you fill the boots of someone named Mikey and those boots let you fly.

Battle of Toys is a violent version of Toy Story

What would happen if the toys in your room suddenly came to life? If they're anything like Woody and Buzz, you already know the answer to that. But if you happen to have a collection of battle hardened, heavy armored, and weaponized action figures, well, you've got a problem on your hands. Almost quite literally. Battle of Toys is exactly what its name says: a fight to the finish in miniature doses.

Limbo now out to scare the beejeezus out of Android users

If you think that side-scrolling monochromatic mobile games will not be able to give you nightmares, then maybe you haven't met Limbo yet. The award-winning game has been wrecking lives of console and PC gamers for the past years, and now, it is now ready to scare the crap out of mobile gamers as Limbo is now available for Android smartphones and tablets.

Spongebob has a new Android game based on latest movie

If you still doubt the power of the yellow sponge and his band of merry underwater friends, consider this: the latest Spongebob movie, Sponge Out of Water dethroned American Sniper in the US box-office (and you know, the Bradley Cooper movie is a huge hit). Of course along with a hit movie comes a game to prolong the kids' (and adults too!) enjoyment of the franchise. Get ready for Spongebob: Sponge on the Run, now available for Android devices.

Spinner: The Game has three endless levels

A new game app has landed for Android called Spinner: The Game. The game is a "techno arcade experience" that promises to test your skill. The game offers three endless levels with difficulty that gets progressively harder as you move along.

One Piece Treasure Cruise brings your favorite manga to your phone

Japanese Manga has surely crossed over into American consciousness, with both the graphic novels and its offshoots like OVA (original video animation), anime series, and movies capturing the hearts of its intended market. One of the more popular ones is called One Piece, and it is also now making its way onto the palm of your hand with the release of a game for Android devices called One Piece Treasure Cruise.

Peak Brain Training will make you smarter

The Peak for Android is a whole suite of games and activities that will exercise your brain muscles. Don't mistake this for the Peak wearable because it's really just a collection of educational games available on Google Play Store. It's actually a self-improvement app that helps millions of people to improve memory, focus, language, mental agility, and problem solving skills with fun and challenging games.
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