Defy gravity and be the best slasher in Tower Slash, now on Android

Have you ever had that dream where you seem to keep on running endlessly and you're already so tired but you seem to have no choice but to go on running? Well, basically, we relive that dream over and over when we play endless runner games. If that kind of game appeals to you, then you'd like this new one available on Android devices. Hopefully, Tower Slash doesn't stress you out too much but instead, you'll have fun in trying to become the best slasher ever.

SteelSeries rolls out Stratus XL Wireless Gaming Controller

SteelSeries has been in the business of gaming controllers and peripherals since the early 2000s. This year, a new controller in the form of the Stratus XL Wireless Gaming Controller for Windows and Android will be ready to bring the best in Bluetooth-enabled and console-style controller for Android and Windows.

Fly up to the mountain top with Amigo Pancho

Hello, amigo! Amigo Pancho has finally landed on Google Play after three years of being exclusive to the rival platform. Be ready to take on new adventures as Pancho needs to get on to the top of the mountains. He's always like that--going to the highest places anywhere in the world so be ready to fly away.

Fly a plane, virtually of course, with Aerofly 2 Flight Simulation

Some games are meant to create a fantasy world where everything is disconnected from reality while some games are meant to be simulations of reality. If it's your dream to fly a plane someday, you will probably go for the first kind of game so that you'll get to "experience" what it is to make fantastic flights across the earth or maybe even the universe. But what if you have a game like the latter, where you actually get to experience what it is to be behind the cockpit? Here comes Aerofly 2 Flight Simulation.

Get your Jungle Force fit for battle in new Android game

They may look cuddly and cute (or at the very least, nice) but don't be fooled by the adorableness of these creatures. They are lean, mean, fighting machines. Well, they will be, once you've finished training them and upgrading their abilities and make them part of your team. Get to command this elite band of animals as you try to be the king of the jungle (not just the lion) in Jungle Force.

Humble Mobile Bundle brings 8 BulkyPix games

The guys at Humble Bundle are pretty committed to their cause, bringing gamers quality games at low costs and making oodles of money for charities as they do it. We see their commitment in the fact that there’s another Humble Mobile Bundle out, this time featuring at least eight games from game developer BulkyPix.

Defend the castle and be a hero in…well…Heroes and Castles 2

If you've seen one castle defense meets RPG game, you've seen them all. But if you're a fan of the genre, you really wouldn't mind trying out new game after new game. There is always something new to discover, and every game has something unique going for it. So, since we've established that you're probably one of those people, then you might want to try the sequel to Heroes and Castles, understandably called Heroes and Castles 2.

Two new upcoming games from EA, plus Torchlight for Android!

We’ve lined some upcoming games for you – two from EA and one hack-and-slash title that you should totally be excited for on Android. EA is coming up with “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes” and “Minions Paradise”. The other title is Torchlight, that breakthrough RPG that brought hack-and-slash gaming to casual gamers.

Crime Coast strategy game makes feeling bad good

I can't say the theme of the game is something I'd recommend for kids to play but adults may find Crime Coast exciting. It's just a game alright so don't take things seriously when the gang rage starts to erupt between those ruthless parties in town. This isn't a rumor: there are criminals , cartel carnage, and crooked cops on Crime Coast. You see, all the biggest and most terrifying criminals have been trooping to the coast. The result is that more cartels are being formed--the city is now a paradise for the gangsters.
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