‘Fruit Ninja: Math Master’ shows learning can be fun and exciting

If you're tired of getting your kid to master or at least answer simple math questions, try letting him play 'Fruit Ninja: Math Master' instead. This new Fruit Ninja version enhances more than just slicing and cutting skills. It can help the kiddo master basic math skills while keeping the activity fun and enjoyable. Game is interactive, following a comic book-style story of an adventure across Fruitasia. It's the ideal app for educators and parents to keep the little ones interested in math.

SEGA removing titles from Play Store, download now while you can

SEGA has been one of the regular sources of good casual mobile games for smartphone and tablet gamers. Heck, you might have even downloaded a Dreamcast port or two from them. But just today, we saw an announcement from the game makers that they will be removing some select titles from several app markets, without specifying which.

Android devs add pre-register feature to Google Play

Software and game developers usually announce upcoming apps to build hype and attract future downloaders. Most games in the Google Play Store start that way, making gamers and geeks excited over the release of a new title. Some people want to be ahead of others by getting the app first even if just the beta version. Good thing Google now allows developers to add the option to pre-register for apps yet to be launched.

Save the beasts from an evil spell in Beast Quest

Despite the name, or rather, the characteristics associated with the name, beasts are sometimes the most gentlest of creatures and not alway evil. Well, unless they're under the spell of an evil wizard, that is. This is the world that you're going into in Beast Quest, a new game available for your Android smartphones and tablets. The action-adventure game will take you to Avantia where you need to defeat wave after wave of enemies.

Star Trek Trexels for Android now live on Google Play Store

Star Trek Trexels has been around for sometime now on the Apple App Store. It just went live on the Android platform a few years after the iOS version was launched in December 2013. Fans of Star Trek will be delighted to know that the game is now available on Google Play so be prepared to take command of your own starship.

XOR is a minimalist puzzler to challenge your brain

Turn the black tiles to white. That sounds like a pretty simple and straightforward kind of game right? But as we've discovered a lot of times with these mobile games, nothing is ever as simple as that. XOR is another one of those minimalist but complicated and challenging puzzler games, and it is now available on Android smartphones and tablets.

City 2048 is a puzzle game, but without the numbers

If you actually liked the idea of the super popular number puzzle game 2048, but in reality, you actually strongly dislike numbers, then you're in luck. A new game that is based on the premise of 2048 has hit Google Play Store and is ready to conquer your mobile devices. But instead of looking at numbers, you'll actually be building a city and growing your property until you make a huge metropolis.

Revisit the Department of Death in Grim Fandango, now on Android

If you grew up loving and being addicted to what is considered one of the best point-and-click adventure games, then you'll be happy to know that Grim Fandango is now being reincarnated into your Android devices. The game has now been remastered and updated to our more modern and mobile style of playing games on smartphones and tablets, bringing new graphics , repainted characters, re-recorded soundtrack, but the same engaging gameplay that captured our attention before.
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