Fruit Ninja: Math Master joins kid-friendly Google Play initiative

With the hundreds of games and apps out there in the Google Play Store, it's hard to find and filter the ones that would be best for children. But Google Play has come out with a "family-friendly experience" that would make discoverability easier for parents looking for material that will not just entertain their children, but have a bit of learning and education on the side. One of the apps included in the launch is a new version of the best-selling game, Fruit Ninja, and this time you can become a Math Master.

Android Community Weekly Digest: Jun. 21, 2015

This was definitely an action packed week, and we almost mean that literally. E3 2015 was, unsurprisingly, packed full of neat treats, some of which have been promised for Android as well. But aside from the avalanche of game announcements, we do have a few things that have kept us on our toes this week as well, including what might have been open season on smartphone flagships, with some of the key handsets experiencing major problems. Welcome to this week's edition of Android Community Weekly Digest, covering June 15 to June 21, 2015.

Cook your way to stardom in newest Cooking Dash Android game

If you're familiar with the slew of dash games that became famous a few years ago, then you know how addictive those games could be. And if you put it together with the heady promise of fame and fortune, even if it is the virtual kind, then you are probably rushing to your mobile device now to download the newest version of this popular game. Cooking Dash 2016 lets you play a celebrity chef and cook your way to even more stardom.

Space Galaga Int’l Edition brings the game to a new generation

If you were a fan of the simple but highly addictive static shooting game Galaga in the 80s and 90s, then of course you'd want to play this on your mobile device in whatever form it takes. Bandai Namco, the creators of the original game, is bringing you Space Galaga International Edition, which brings a game both familiar and vastly different from the one you grew up with, and introducing this still entertaining game to a whole new generation of gamers.

Be a true firefighting hero in “RESCUE: Heroes in Action”

Firefighting missions are always challenging but if you're a true hero, you will embrace every mission even if it means having to face death. Your duty as a firefighter is to face danger all the time. In this game "RESCUE: Heroes in Action", you will know what it means to be a real hero in action.

Prison Escape Puzzle will test your escaping skills

If you find yourself in prison, I'm sorry but there's nothing we can do to help. You're on your own now but you have the power to escape from prison by finding some items and solving the puzzles in this game called Prison Escape Puzzle. It's another addictive and fun puzzle game that will challenge your wits and skills.

Be the best speed racer in Rush Star Bike Adventure

Daring to go on a new adventure? Try Rush Star Bike Racing Adventure and see for yourself what this unconventional racing game offers. This arcade game makes you bike through areas unexplored and dash through different exciting scenes. Experience biking through blizzard-striken villages, railroads with boiling-hot magma, or rainy jungles with your HOVER STAR 9 bike.

Jets Flying Adventure lets you go on endless flyer missions

I've seen similar games in the past but any flying adventure game is always worth a try for me. I may not be able to fly a real plane and live my pilot dreams but at least on mobile, I can be the best pilot in this new game called Jets. No, you're not flying a real plane--just a paper plane but it's quite challenging as you need the skills to navigate the plane through a cardboard world.

Journey through an adventure in mythical China in Monkey King Saga

One of the most popular classical novels in China, Journey to the West, tells the story of Sun Wukong, more popularly known as the Monkey King. His story has been retold in plays, movies, TV shows, graphic novels, etc, showing off different aspects of his journey across a mythical China as he seeks to bring peace to the kingdom. And with mobile games being in the public consciousness the past few years, it was inevitable the tale would get there as well. The Monkey King Saga is the latest one yet to arrive on your Android devices.

Help these despicable characters build their Minions paradise

The Minions are absolutely adorable that Illumination Entertainment decided to star them in their own movie. Set for release this July, the Minions movie is expected to draw millions of fans all over the world. But before the film hits the movie theaters, let's play around with the Minions in this new mobile game called Minions Paradise from EA.
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