Help treasure hunter Timmy explore the Tiny Dangerous Dungeons

Already thinking about how you'd spend the weekend? Geeks and gamers would only recommend to do one thing: play games on your mobile phone. If you're on the lookout for yet another game you can play for hours and add to your queue, try Tiny Dangerous Dungeons. The words dangerous and dungeons are enough to let you know it's a challenging game but there's a 'tiny' reference so we're not sure if this is something you'd be addicted to.

HeroCraft Z lets you be a hero and save a land from destruction

If you've always wanted to be the hero that saves a land from total destruction, your best bet would be to just play a game that would let you do so (unless you enter the army or something). One of the newest games in this genre is called HeroCraftZ and you will be accepting the summons of the Dragon of Time so that you will save the land of Azeroth since apparently, you are the Chosen One.

RIP Zombie requires smart strategies against hilarious zombies

Any zombie-themed game will capture a gamer's heart because it can be exciting, nerve-wracking, and addicting at the same time. The R.I.P. Zombie is a new match-3 puzzle game that incorporates some RPG gameplay. The zombie looks like the ones in the popular Plants vs Zombies title but the graphics look colorful and fun you won't think this is one gory mobile game. However, there are no bloody or violent scenes. In fact, the game can be funny and interesting with an exciting storyline.

Conquer the seas and explore the islands in Seabeard Android game

If you've always wanted to be a high seas conquerer, but not necessarily a pirate, then you can practice on this new Android game for that eventuality. Actually, this might be your only chance, unless you have a future career in the navy or something. But either way, Seabeard is all about going on an ocean and island adventure, forming communities wherever you go, and fulfilling your dream, whatever that may be.

Location-based game The Target to make mobile gaming more exciting

If playing alone on your smartphone has become too boring for you, it's time to try another kind of game. Location-based games are slowly getting traction in the mobile gaming community, and one of the newest kids on the block is The Target. While it started out as much more complex and complicated, changes in the mechanics now allows a smaller group of players to enjoy playing a digital and modified version of cops and robbers in the neighborhood.

Knights of Pen & Paper 2 now out on Android

If you’re familiar with the series, the premise of Knights of Pen & Paper games is this – you role-play in a game on your smartphone where you play a character who is a role-player. Yes, Knights of Pen & Paper 2 has that Inception “game within a game” vibe – only that this makes fun (in very good ways) of nerd culture and fantasy games in general. Think of the humor of the parody RPG “Doom and Destiny”, in a tabletop game.

Make your way out of the labyrinth of grief in Standpoint

There are people who love to play games where they don't have to think and all they have to do is slide and tap and mix and match of all sorts. Then there are those mobile gamers that will not play if their brains aren't engaged and if they are not cerebrally challenged enough. If you are the second type of person, then this new game on Android called Standpoint will definitely be your cup of tea.

From cowardice to bravery, help Brave John beat the demonic forces

Don't say Brave John is just another RPG. It's a game where you can witness how John the Coward learns courage and bravery as he ventures into a new epic adventure where he is called to defeat the Demonic Legion that once opened the heart of the Demon King. The world used to be in peace but an evil, unknown monster fought the Demon King. Now it's time for John to forget about being a coward and finish all the challenges in this story drive action role playing game.
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