Space Marshals is a Western sci-fi tactical shooter, load up

Pixelbite Studios is based in Helsingborg, Sweden and is mostly known for futuristic racing games. They go in totally a different direction with this, their new project called “Space Marshals”. By design, it looks like a Western, but the storyline involves heavy sci-fi elements, and the gameplay is tactical shooting a la Metal Gear Solid. What do you get? A pretty enjoyable ride.

EZ PZ RPG is a game that doesn’t need you that much

One of the big draws of casual mobile gaming is that you can play anytime you want, however short or long the time is. Casual games don’t require that much commitment from the player, that’s why they’re so convenient for mobile users. But when you go into the RPG genre, player and time commitment ramps up, and most people just don’t have the time. Enter EZ PZ RPG, the RPG game that basically plays itself.

Electro Rush is a Pong-like mobile game in 3D

Calling itself "the world's simplest game" may not seem like a great marketing hook (unless you're the type who likes the simplest of games), but that's what new Android game Electro Rush is calling itself. But while it may really be that simple, that doesn't mean it's that easy. And if you like the classic game Pong, this one is based on this, but this time in 3D and on mobile.

Save your city with Music in BeatDefense Android game

You've often heard it said that "music saves lives". Well, in this new Android game, they do mean that literally, or at least, digitally. BeatDefense is a fusion of a missile arcade game and Dance Revolution, but this time for your fingers. You need to defend your city by getting rid of all the missiles that want to eradicate everything, all with the power of rhythm. But don't worry, you're not supposed to dance your way out of trouble. You just go with the beat.

Angry Birds Go! ready for party mode, multiplayer gaming soon

I used to be a big fan of the Angry Birds franchise but after numerous game versions and expansions, there came a time that it made me want to barf. Well, there really is no stopping Rovio for making money with the very popular birds. Aside from Stella POP, Rovio now has Angry Birds Go! as one of its current bestsellers. Game now boasts more than 130 million downloads and the number could still increase with the new party mode.

Final Fantasy XIII now game-streaming in Japan to mobile devices

Imagine being able to play a massive console RPG like Final Fantasy XII – complete with gorgeous graphics and gameplay – on your mobile. Well, you can keep imagining as gamers in Japan have to deal with this being a reality, but only for them. Square Enix has just made available a cloud-based service that allows people in Japan to play FFXIII on their mobile devices. For real, yo.

League of Angels – Fire Raiders hands-on

Android is not bereft of games spanning almost all genres thinkable, and some unthinkable ones. Perhaps, there might even be too much for comfort. Some of them have their origins right here on the mobile platform but others hearken back from the days when Facebook was the name of the game, quite literally. League of Angels - Fire Raiders is one of those one hit wonders on the social network that is now trying its hand at a smartphone version. But does it have the right ingredients to bring that success to mobile as well? Read on to find out.

Sky Punks dares you to race endlessly in the mysterious Neo Terra

Rovio has always been known as the Finnish development studio that made millions (probably billions) with the Angry Birds franchise. There are several Angry Birds version already: Stella, Transformers, Rio, Star Wars, and more. We've lost count of how many epic versions are available on the Play Store but Rovio isn't done yet. Rovio Stars, the new mobile game publishing program from Rovio Entertainment, now has a new bestseller in Sky Punks. 

Dungeon Highway Adventures offers nostalgia throughout the game

Dungeons. Dragons. Monsters. Towers. Princesses. These are just some of the themes of games that have become so popular among gamers. While most of them compete when it comes to graphics, the Dungeon Highway Adventures is different. Why, you won’t see any action in Full HD but rather in its own cute, pixelated glory. You see, this retro 8-bit style is really becoming a trend.

Driver Speedboat Paradise lets you in the world of high-speed water races

High-speed races are usually a part of the arsena of every mobile game player. You see a lot of car-racing games out there, all vying for the gamers' attention. But have you ever done a high-speed race using a speedboat? That's what makes this new Android game different, as you get to race on water and in different locations around the world (at least, virtually). Will Driver Speedboat Paradise be your new addiction?
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