Lego Batman Beyond Gotham now available for Android devices

Batman vs Superman may be coming to cinemas by 2016 and the new season of Gotham hasn’t started yet, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t go crazy over our favorite caped crusader. While console gamers are having a blast playing Arkham Knight, mobile gamers will not be left behind as Lego releases another Batman title and this time we’re going Beyond Gotham. This game is now finally available for Android devices as well.

Humble Bundle 13 is a PC and Android Bundle for you [UPDATED]

Humble Bundle is out now with its thirteenth bundle, and it’s a good one for Android and PC gamers (ok, and Linux as well). It’s a bundle of games that you can either get for Android, or for PC, or for both. And some more good news, it looks like the “pay what you want” scheme is now back.

Shoot your target in the dark with Sniper Who Forgot to Open Eyes

Have you ever heard of the blind sniper? Of course not. We’re not being politically incorrect here. It’s just that the job requires that you have pinpoint target accuracy and you can’t do that if you can’t see your target right? Well, that’s basically what you will do in this new Android game called Sniper Who Forgot to Open Eyes because, well, the sniper forgot to open his/her eyes. Obviously, this is a sniper game you can’t take seriously, as per the info on its Google Play page.

Warhammer 40k: Freeblade will let you destroy everything with mechs

Developers are discovering what a “game ready” world the Warhammer 40,000 playset is, and they’re churning out games with the Warhammer 40k badge on it. This upcoming game – called “Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade” – will put you in a mech, first time it’s ever been done on a Warhammer 40k game. We have the trailer here, but we already know you’ll be hooked when we said you get to control a mech.

Get the elixir cure in Drop Hunt, new game now on Android

When there is a matter of life and death element in a game, even if it’s just a fictional situation, it becomes all the more important, and at the same time, exciting. A new game now on Android called Drop Hunt brings you that element and at the same time, challenges your brain to solve puzzles, all with the purpose of bringing a cure to a little girl. But it also promises not to take away the element of fun from the gamer.

Space Drill: Get down to the core in this retro minimalist style game

Space Drill is a new arcade game that can make you irritated because it's just too difficult to drill down continuously. There's a lot of drilling you can do in space and through the enemy space station. You just need to destroy the core to win by touching left and right and avoid obstacles.

Play solitaire with a twist in Card Crawl, now on Android 

Solitaire is the go-to simple but decent card game that you can play when you’re bored out of your skull but you don’t have anything to play with at the moment. But while it is still pretty interesting, don’t you think you’d have more excitement if there was blood and gore? Well, if that’s your style, then you can definitely play this new game now on Android called Card Crawl. It is both familiar and yet vastly different from the usual solitaire games that you play.

Help this Dodo bird glide, jump, and run endlessly in Cartoon Survivor

The prehistoric era has always been interesting but you know we can never go back to that period in time. Read all the books you want on the subject or visit museums to learn more but honestly, those ain't fun. For the geeky gamers, here's Cartoon Survivor--a new 3D adventure runner game that combines a little bit of Temple Run, some Minecraft, and a some Minecraft style. and yeah, maybe some history too. And as for the background music? Oh you'll remember a lot of Angry Birds.

Fly with the birds in this musical adventure game “Gathering Sky”

There may be hundreds of thousands of adventure games available on Android but only a few really catch my attention. Of course, after playing and reviewing a lot of games, one can get uninterested in the new titles that are being introduced each day. Not this 'Gathering Sky' as the game trailer alone made me listen to the background music before actually playing it.

Turn the kitty back to a prince in Kittenball Prince

If you spend a significant amount of minutes (and by minutes we mean hours) on the Internet just looking at pictures and videos of cats doing cute, cat-like stuff, then you probably would scream “Kitty!” when you see a mobile game that stars a cute and cuddly kitten with a toy ball. Kittenball Prince is one such game, although there is a fairy-tale like backstory as you try and rescue a princess while helping a prince turn back to his original form.
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