Languinis: Match and Spell is a hybrid puzzle game

We started out with Tic Tac Toe, and probably thought we hit the apex of the “match 3” gameplay of the puzzle game when we encountered games such as Zuma and Bejeweled. But lo and behold, them puzzle games are still here – and they have mutated. “Languinis: Match and Spell” is a puzzle game, but it is also a word game.

Jurassic World: The Game out now for Android

Well, it didn’t take that long. We were thinking we would have to wait until the movie was released before Jurassic World: The Game was released for Android (it was released on iOS initially). It turns out we were wrong, and that is a good thing, because the dinosaur battle game that we’ve been waiting for is now available for downloading via the Google Play Store.

Kill those soy-based creatures and be the best Tofu Hunter

If you think tofu is just a bean curd that's healthy and delicious to eat, you're wrong. Tofu is a soy-based creature that has an adorable face but you need to shoot each and every one that you encounter in the woods and anywhere else you see them. Your goal is to hunt around and take on bounties. Shoot them. Just shoot, don't stop, and be the best Tofu Hunter in the world.

Agent Dash now with new characters, better graphics, new missions

If you're a huge fan of endless runners, and agents dashing to and fro in general, then Agent Dash should be the game for you. They call it the "ultimate sky blockbuster" as you try and run to defend you country by running through endless obstacles and challenges. A new update to the game brings more playable characters, even more impressive game graphics, and of course new missions for the agents who never get tired of running.

Help treasure hunter Timmy explore the Tiny Dangerous Dungeons

Already thinking about how you'd spend the weekend? Geeks and gamers would only recommend to do one thing: play games on your mobile phone. If you're on the lookout for yet another game you can play for hours and add to your queue, try Tiny Dangerous Dungeons. The words dangerous and dungeons are enough to let you know it's a challenging game but there's a 'tiny' reference so we're not sure if this is something you'd be addicted to.

HeroCraft Z lets you be a hero and save a land from destruction

If you've always wanted to be the hero that saves a land from total destruction, your best bet would be to just play a game that would let you do so (unless you enter the army or something). One of the newest games in this genre is called HeroCraftZ and you will be accepting the summons of the Dragon of Time so that you will save the land of Azeroth since apparently, you are the Chosen One.

RIP Zombie requires smart strategies against hilarious zombies

Any zombie-themed game will capture a gamer's heart because it can be exciting, nerve-wracking, and addicting at the same time. The R.I.P. Zombie is a new match-3 puzzle game that incorporates some RPG gameplay. The zombie looks like the ones in the popular Plants vs Zombies title but the graphics look colorful and fun you won't think this is one gory mobile game. However, there are no bloody or violent scenes. In fact, the game can be funny and interesting with an exciting storyline.
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