Zenonia S closed beta ongoing, launch anticipated within 2015

After years of nothing even vaguely related to Zenonia, Gamevil has come out in Q1 of 2015 with news of a new game called Zenonia S. The outfit will be undergoing beta testing this middle of the year, and we can probably expect the game to launch in Q3 or late 2015, depending on how fast they fix the bugs.

Table Tennis Touch update: 4,000 more devices you can play it on

Do you think you're a world-class table tennis player by now? Well, at least, by digital standards, if you've been "practicing" (playing) really hard on that Android game we told you about a few weeks ago. Table Tennis Touch is a critically acclaimed game that has just gotten an update that can add even more people to its roster, fixing some of the things that went slightly wrong with its first release last month.

Amazon’s latest Free App of the Day Bundle announced

Who doesn't want freebies? Thank heavens for Amazon's Free App of the Day Bundle. Android geeks who want to try and test different apps and games but don't want to pay premium can avail of the deals Amazon regularly announces. For today, the Free App of the Day Bundle includes 26 apps you can download--all for free. Most of the apps listed are the latest and more popular ones so better download all of them before Amazon pulls them out.

Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf enters beta testing

Warhammer 40K: Space Wolf was a title reported as far back as 2013, which means it has been in development stage since that time. But these days, it seems that developer Herocraft is finally willing to take of the covers from the game and allow some people to play it, test it, wring it around like so by going into beta testing.

Are you ready for a Lara Croft endless running game?

Many of you Android gamers grew up dreaming of having Lara Croft as your girlfriend, and were rightly happy when Tomb Raider showed up in all its original glory on the Android platform. We all know Lara Croft from way back, and it seemed at one point that she was teetering on the edge of being forgotten. These days, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are even plotting of launching an endless/adventure runner game featuring our tomb raiding gal. Are you ready for that?

Defeat evil once again in Narborion 2: The God of Orcs

If you're a fan of the "choose your own adventure" type of stories as well as turn-based battle games, then you probably played the first chapter of the Narborion Saga on your Android device. While you probably defeated the evil ones in that game (if you ever did finish it), there is a new god of orcs in town, and it's up to you, the hero in this saga, to stop the war once again. Welcome to Narborion 2: The God of Orcs, now available on Android smartphones and tablets.

Blizzard’s Hearthstone game now finally on Android smartphones

A lot of people have been waiting for this, and it’s been way too long waiting for this game to be redesigned for smartphones, but that day is finally here. We’re talking about Blizzard’s popular card battle game that features elements from its World of Warcraft universe – Hearthstone. The gaming giant just announced that it is now available on the go, for Android (and iOS) smartphones.

Skullduggery lets you fling your skull around to kill other skulls

They say that there are only two things certain in this life: death and taxes. Well these two come together in a new Android game that lets you enjoy Angry Birds-like flinging but in a platformer with retro sensibility and a grotesque kind of humor to go with it. Skullduggery, just like what its name actually means, is full of hanky panky, challenging gameplay, all set in the afterlife. Oh and did we mention that you'll be playing a skull?