Solar Flux HD puts you on a mission to save the stars

If you're tired of seeing sci-fi scenarios that involve things like planets and suns go boom, then Solar Flux HD might offer a change in perspective. Step into the shoes of a savior as you navigate your little ship past obstacles in order to save the universe' dying suns.

King of Fighters ’97 now brawling into Android

If you're in the mood for some old-school arcade-style 2D fighting action, then this latest game in Google Play Store might just be for you. SNK Playmore is bringing yet another title from its venerable King of Fighters franchise with a more retro feel in King of Fighters '97.

Anomaly 2 now marching into Android

The popular RTS tower defense, or rather, "tower offense", game has just gotten an upgrade and is heading to our favorite mobile platform. Anomaly 2 is now out on Android and builds on the success of the original, managing to add just a pinch of multiplayer to the game as well.

OUYA upcoming update will change how the interface looks

The OUYA gaming console, which has only been on retail for less than a month, has undoubtedly started a new kind of Android gaming scene. But like with any pioneer or trendsetter, there will always be some things that it won't get right at first, such as the initial user interface for the system. That will, however, soon change once the new update rolls out that will subtly yet effectively change how the OUYA presents games.

Record of Agarest War tactical RPG coming in a few weeks

Fans of Japanese-style RPGs might want to save up some cash and internal storage for this game that that's being ported to Android. HyperDevBox, the game company that has already ported a number of Japanese games to our favorite mobile platform, says that it will be ready to launch its current project, Record or Agarest War, in a few weeks' time.