Fight for survival or die in ‘Call of Mini Squad’

The walking dead are after you once again. There really is no stopping these zombies from invading the once peaceful world but is now destroyed. Good thing there are still survivors who are willing to fight a battle against the enemies, daring to save what’s left and trying to live by building your own shelter against harm.

Test your pop culture knowledge in Hollywood Game Night

You may never be a real celebrity (unless that is what you’re working towards right now) but there are games available where you can pretend you are, like this new game available on Android right now. The official game app for Hollywood Game Night can now be enjoyed on your smartphone or tablet, and it will put your pop culture knowledge to the ultimate test, and it is one of those games where it is best played within a group of families and friends.

Roll your way to fun and victory with Thunder Jack’s Log Runner

There are times when what you want to play in your spare time is something serious and complicated like those RPG or MMORPG or adventure games where you get to save humanity from unending peril. But then there are times when all you want to do is have fun and play something to distract you from your mundane life. Thunder Jack’s Log Runner definitely falls into the second category. It’s now available for Android devices so you can have fun while challenging yourself to not fall off the log, digitally speaking.

SNK Playmore to remove ‘The Rhythm of Fighters’ game from Play Store

The premise of “The Rhythm of Fighters” as a game was a bit odd to begin with. You take your normal rhythm and timing-based musical game – where you hit buttons based on the timing of the music and the patterns on the screen – and mash it up with a standard player vs. player fighting game, and that’s the pairing that you get in this odd game. Strangely enough, SNK Playmore is withdrawing support for the game and will be taking it down from the Google Play Store soon.

Adventures of Flig mixes three games in one–runner, air hockey, and maze

The Adventures of Flig begins with you exploring the mysterious but beautiful world where your beloved has been captured by a spider. In this game, you will encounter a lot of unique enemies in all sizes. This arcade game is actually a combination of many games: air hockey, maze, and runner. You can play all three games in one as you strive to save and finish all challenges.

‘Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2’ lets you bring your drawings come to life

The popular Draw a Stickman game has been played more than a hundred million times all over the world. It’s such a popular franchise that it even won five Webby Awards. There may be a lot of similar games but this adventure is the most creative yet. Game requires a whole lot of imagination to fully enjoy this adventure full of puzzles, wonders, and mysteries.

Become the world champion in Stick Tennis Tour, now on Android

If you’re suffering from post-Wimbledon and post-grand slam withdrawals, the bad news is that the next grand slam tournament, the US Open is still a few months away. The good news is that, aside from there being other tournaments in between, is that you can bring out your tennis frustrations in a new mobile game that is now available on Android called Stick Tennis Tour, the follow-up to the popular Stick Tennis game, which is apparently the number one sports game in more than a hundred countries.

Toram Online MMORPG is now out of beta, available via Play Store

Toram Online is a new MMORPG for all of you gamers out there to sink your gaming teeth into. The game is a continuation and/or expansion of sorts from Iruna Online – if some of you are familiar with that MMORPG. The game has been in beta for quite a bit, so it’s good to finally see the wraps off and the game now available to most people.

Alphabear wants you to master game boards, collect more bears

You can't stop the kids from using your smartphone or tablet. Admit it or not, you sometimes use your mobile device as a babysitter. It's not really bad to let them use your gadgets once in a while. The burden is on the parents to discipline, teach their kids, and provide time limit for tablet or phone use. If only all games and apps on the Play Store is like this Alphabear, then we won't have any problem but it's not really the case.