Humble Mobile Bundle 13 rolls in with six games, more to follow [UPDATED]

We’ve been covering Humble Bundles for a while now that if you are a regular here at Android Community, you probably should already know how it works. The good guys over at Humble Bundle HQ are back with another mobile bundle – Humble Mobile Bundle 13 includes a total of six games (for now), tempting you to give your money, any amount you want, to get games while supporting charity work. Yes, it’s that awesome.

Desktop Dungeons now available on Android mobile devices

Critically-acclaimed dungeon crawler/roguelike/puzzle game Desktop Dungeons now has an Enhanced Edition and you can play it on your Android smartphone or tablet. You get to enjoy all the randomly generated dungeons, fight against evil creatures, collect spells and items that will help you along the way, all to protect and make your Kingdom better. If you've always wanted to practice for when you rule your own kingdom, then games like this are good simulation.

Kung Fury is also now a game for your Android devices

If you've heard your friends and your timeline raving about a film called Kung Fury, but you can't find it in cinemas anywhere near you, that is because it is not produced by any major Hollywood studio. It is actually a low-budget, crowdfunded short film that seems to have hit the right note with fans of the kung-fu genre. And if you're one of the more than 3 million people who have viewed the film, you can now play the game version right on your Android device.

The Talos Principle arrives for Tegra-powered Android devices

There’s nothing secret anymore about “The Talos Principle” – everybody who follows gaming news will know what this introspective-slash-philosophical puzzle game is all about. The game has been out for the PC platform for a year now, so we know exactly what to expect. Still, it doesn’t take away the excitement that this great game is now out for Android.

Farmville turns into a match 3 game for your Android devices

The Farmville craze may have died down (do I hear sighs of relief) and we now rarely receive invites and requests from our Facebook friends (or we may have just blocked them). But that doesn't mean this highly addictive game from Zynga has disappeared from the face of the earth. In fact, one of its new reincarnations now is as Farmville: Harvest Swap, is a Match-3 game that is now available on mobile devices. And you don't even need to ask your friends for help to play it!

Square Enix puts out Chaos Rings III, continues mobile RPG series

Square Enix has been known to put out great RPG video games, so it bears mentioning that they are continuing to put out a game series that they are actually good at (of course, while exploring other gaming aspects as well, because they have money to do that). The Chaos Rings series for mobile is one such series for Square Enix, a highly popular RPG – it makes sense that they return to it via “Chaos Rings III”, a new game which is now out for Android.

Create atoms but don’t destroy the universe in new Android game Atomas

The description "easy to learn, difficult to master" has been used and abused in describing mobile games (or just games in general), but sometimes that is really the best way to describe it. One such game is called Atomas, and yes, it is all about solving puzzles and creating elements, so if this is your kind of thing, read on. If chemistry isn't your jam, then maybe look away, unless you think playing this game might make you appreciate this subject at last.

Tactile is another addictive interactive puzzle game

Weekends are meant for playing new mobile games for me. I’ve lined up quite a few already but believe it or not, I prefer those puzzle games that will really make me think. Tactile is one beautiful puzzle game that can probably make you addicted to playing the same way Tetris and 2048 did. It actually requires you do simple mathematics like addition to move to the next Tile.

Train wizards and sorcerers in Schools of Magic Android game

If you've been inspired by the Harry Potter books and movies to someday run your own Hogwarts (if that would ever be possible), then you need to start training as early as now. A new Android game allows you to practice building and managing your own school of wizardry and training wizards and sorcerers as well. Not only that, you will also go up against the most powerful schools of magic who have a tyrannical hold on your world. Get ready to be immersed in Schools of Magic.

Race your way to the finish line with Mini Racing Adventures

Racing games are always a good way to pass away the time on your mobile device (if you're into that sort of game, that is). One of the newest ones clamoring for your attention is a realtime multiplayer 3D endless side scrolling physics-based (whew) game called Mini Racing Adventures. You'll help a small but terrible (in a good way) driver called Martin to achieve his dream of becoming the best endurance racer of recent years.