Battlefield 4 Commander companion app marches into Android

Battlefield 4 may give you your adrenaline-pumping fix, but the game also offers a different perspective for those who wish a more strategic gaemplay. Now with the Commander companion app, players or their friends can take on the role of a Commander to rally troops and battle it out with brains over brawn.

Russia’s brings email, chat and games to the US as

Arriving with mention of being from Russia with love, has announced a handful of services for the US market. The mix here touches on email, chat and gaming along with a promise of an image editor coming soon. has launched in the US as and the services include myMail, myChat, myGames and as for the coming soon item, myCamera.

Solar Flux HD puts you on a mission to save the stars

If you're tired of seeing sci-fi scenarios that involve things like planets and suns go boom, then Solar Flux HD might offer a change in perspective. Step into the shoes of a savior as you navigate your little ship past obstacles in order to save the universe' dying suns.

King of Fighters ’97 now brawling into Android

If you're in the mood for some old-school arcade-style 2D fighting action, then this latest game in Google Play Store might just be for you. SNK Playmore is bringing yet another title from its venerable King of Fighters franchise with a more retro feel in King of Fighters '97.