New Mortal Kombat X gameplay video out, we have no words

We were kinda excited when we heard that NetherRealm was bringing Mortal Kombat back to life again, but we were not expecting this! Mortal Kombat X is the new version of the fighting game staple that has entranced fighting game fans throughout the past generations, and with this new gameplay, it might just steal this generation’s hearts (literally) as well.

Tap your way into the islands with Pocket Mine 2

If you enjoyed the original game and if you like tapping away endlessly on your smartphone, this sequel should make you tap happy. Pocket Mine 2, is obviously, the sequel to the popular arcade game from a few years back. This time you get more explosions, more items to collect, more adventures, and of course more tapping action as you try to make yourself rich through mining as much resources as you can.

Nintendo and DeNA to make Games for Mobile Platforms

Fans of Nintendo have been clamoring for a long time for Nintendo to bring its iconic game characters and properties to mobile devices. Just about every fan of Mario or Zelda would love to see those games come to smartphones and tablets to play on the go. Nintendo hasn’t developed games in the past for mobile platforms other than its own Nintendo DS and 3DS platforms.

Table Tennis Touch now available on Android devices

If it's always been your secret dream to be a world-class table tennis player but never really got the chance to train and learn how to be one, now is your chance. And all you have to do is to have quick eye and touch reflexes to beat a computer or an actual person on the other side of the world. Table Tennis Touch is now available for Android devices, and so your dream of becoming a table tennis champion might just come true, at least digitally.

Win a battle of wits in Outwitters

Sometimes, it takes more than just sheer strength or numbers to prove that you are the best. Sometimes, you'd need to win a strategy game in order to let everyone know that you are the wittiest of them all. Outwitters is just the game to do that, although there are no joke contests or stand-up routines to prove your wittiness. It's all a matter of outsmarting and outwitting either your randomly-generated enemies or actual people that you want to beat.

Level Up! New Kids on the Block edition

Last month we took a peek at some of the new titles that we can expect to land on our favorite mobile platform soon. But waiting is such a pain, so, in the mean time, we can enjoy some of the new games that have already made their way to Google Play Store just this week alone. Of course, we have the usual assortment of both high profile titles and novel but entertaining neophytes. Welcome to this week's edition of Level Up!, where we go through some of the newest kids in the neighborhood.

Angry Birds Stella POP wants you to drop the pigs

Rovio is still in the business of milking money from Angry Birds fans. I've lost count of how many games have been developed starring those famous birds and here's another one: Angry Birds Stella POP! Yes, the Pink Bird now leads in a new game that requires the player to match colored balls with the goal of eliminating them to drop the pigs while saving exotic critters. Stella must still be angry with those pigs that she's not stopping trying to beat them.

Dungeon Hunter 5 slashes its way to Android

If you've been waiting for the latest installment of Gameloft's now iconic hack 'n' slash action RPG, then no more waiting for you. Dungeon Hunter 5 has indeed landed on Android and its bringing with it a ton of new goodies, aside from a new excuse to give your thumbs a good mashing exercise. With DH5, Gameloft overhauls the graphics system to exploit the power of newer devices. The game also features new mechanics, like a five-element system and a new multiplayer mode, all while delivering the same experience that fans have grown to expect.

Command armies across all terrains in Land Sea Air Warfare

If you were the kind of kid who loved playing around with toy soldiers, tanks, airplanes, battleships, and the like, you probably grew up fond of playing mobile games that have all those elements as well. A new Android game lets you play commander and control giant mega units to win a war that...we don't know exactly what kind of war this is, but that doesn't really matter when you see all the cool explosions and battles in Land Sea Air Warfare.