GAMEVIL’s Elune Saga mixes cards and RPGs in your phone

Arriving a day early, GAMEVIL pushed the international release of its new game titled Elune Saga. What makes this "hybrid strategy RPG" somewhat unique from the rest of the bunch is in how it meshes together two popular mobile gaming genres. While you do follow a fixed plot and build up your motley crew of adventurers, battles aren't boring since elements of collectible card games inject a bit of strategic thinking into the mix.

Ski Challenge 15 game gets new race modes

Fans of skiing or racing games that want to hit the virtual slopes can download a game called Ski Challenge 15 that is on Google Play right now. The game is available at no cost and includes ten downhill courses that are designed to be just like actual downhill courses.

KEMCO’s Revenant Saga classic style RPG now out on Android

A lot of RPG fans are getting more and more attracted to games that emulate the classic pixel art style of the old Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda games that they used to play during their youth. Maybe that is why developers like KEMCO are putting out games like “Revenant Saga”, a new RPG game that tries to get the classic look while adding some new elements of their own.

Tangled challenges you to untangle puzzles in new Android game

No, this is definitely not a Disney animated movie tie-in. In another new game that can drive you to frustration and yet challenge you to no end, Tangled is a new puzzle game for your Android device. Just like some of the recent games we've talked about, it's minimalist, seemingly simple, but extremely difficult and not for the faint of heart.

Kabam, Marvel team up again for upcoming free-to-play RPG

Even while the fruits of their first collaboration have yet to bear fruit, hopefully this week if not later this month, it seems that Kabam and Marvel have grown rather fond of each other. The two will take another stab at the growing mobile gaming market and have announced a still unnamed game. This time, however, the genre will be shifting gears towards a role-playing type. It's hard not to get excited but also hard not to be a bit cautious.

Twisty Hollow’s weird characters need your help in new Android game

What do you get when you bring together eccentric characters, simple but weird tasks, an evil mayor and a mobile device? Well, you get another productivity killer with this new Android game called Twisty Hollow. You are needed to help these "unbelievable" townsfolk as you fulfill their unusual and demanding needs.

Run Sackboy Run is weird but fun endless runner game

Endless runner games have taken on many incarnations the past years. You have the early incarnations through arcade games like Donkey Gong to side scrollers like Super Mario to the current generation of Temple Runs and the like to movie companion runners like Brave, Iron Man 3, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc. But have you ever played an endless runner with a boy made from knitted sack?

Battlelore: Command turns board game into mobile visual feast

While minimalist and simple type of mobile games are sometimes needed, there are days when you want to just feast your eyes on excellent visuals or go all out medieval in battle. Battlelore: Command is a new game for your Android devices that mimics the adventure of board games but at the same time turns it into a visual feast to test your combat tactics and strategy to win the battle.

Red Bull Racer goes winter in newest game update

For the past few years, the Red Bull brand has evolved from being just a high energy brand to a full-out media entity, from racing events to magazines, short films and even a record label. What may not be that well known yet is that they have also been developing apps and games for the mobile market with Red Bull TV, Red Bull Kart Fighter and Red Bull Air Racer.

Hex:99 Android game: when something simple is really hard

It seems that the credo of a lot of new mobile games these days is simple is the new hard. Games that are easy to explain and understand (some even minimalist) are suddenly extremely difficult to play. But hey, we're not really complaining because if all games were easy to play, then it would be boring.