Terminal Velocity brings super VGA graphic gaming experience

You've probably played a number of mobile and desktop games similar to Terminal Velocity but I guarantee this game will blow your mind. Well, don't expect any stunning and crisp graphics because quality is VGA only but at least it's no longer pixelized. You see, we're actually getting tired of pixel-art graphics already and maybe super VGA graphics can be refreshing for the tired eyes--or not.

Lead the forest animals to safety in Forest Home

If you’re an animal lover who loves to play mobile games and enjoys solving puzzles, then you’ll probably enjoy this new game that is now available for Android smartphones and tablets. Forest Home lets you bring cute and cuddly forest critters back to safety by avoiding obstacles, feeding them, and beating the mischievous goblin that will try to distract you and lead the animals astray. As the developer says, “home is where the path is."

Feel the platform runner thrill in WonderCat Adventures

Cats own The Internets. In some part of the cyber world, there's a community of all cats that have become so popular in the web. We're tempted to make our own 'cats' category here because there are just too many cat and kitten-themed mobile games and apps on Google Play Store. There are probably hundreds to thousands already and I know we can't feature them all no matter how cute, entertaining, and addictive they all are.

Kemco releases ‘Tears Revolude’ RPG, interesting new gameplay, plot

From time to time, you do get the odd let’s-try-something-new game from Japanese game developers Kemco – and this new RPG called “Tears Revolude” will certainly fall under that category. We don’t get knights and dragons and fighters and wizards at the onset, we get a guy trying to find lost art. While that may not be to strange or even too common, it sure piques our interest as to what the game has in store for this “lost art” guy.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf is now out on Android, finally

For a game to be in development since 2013, it must mean that the developers took a whole lot of time figuring the game out and making sure it’s fit for gaming time. HeroCraft are not slouches as developers, so you could mostly expect a good game out of “Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf” – the game finally launching via the Google Play Store.

Try not to die as fast as you can in Stuntman Stuart

If you’ve always dreamed of being a Hollywood action movie stuntman but you’ve always been afraid of a little blood, the threat of impalement and decapitation, and maybe the possibility of dying, then you’ve probably made a good decision not to pursue that dream. Instead, you can just play a stuntman in a digital world, and with this new mobile game called Stuntman Stuart, you can avoid dying as fast as you can as you perform these death-defying stunts.

Dragon Ball Z Dokan Battle now available worldwide on Android 

If you’re a huge Dragon Ball Z fan and love anything released that is connected to your beloved anime, then you were probably frustrated when the newest game from the franchise was released in Japan only. But now, Bandai Namco has announced that Dragon Ball Z Dokan Battle is now available to the rest of the world (well, still selected territories) and not just Japan anymore, where it enjoyed 15 million downloads in 3 months. Now it’s our turn to enjoy the intense Dragon Ball universe once again, this time on our Android devices.

Survive the apocalypse in Disaster Office, now on Android

If you work in an entry-level position at a huge office, you know that everyday is already a battle for survival in that corporate jungle out there. But what if you add even more impending disasters like erupting volcanoes, terrorist attacks, and even a zombie apocalypse? Well, then work will surely get more interesting. Disaster Office is now available for Android devices in all its 32-bit glory. If you enjoy retro-looking games with modern challenges, then you might want to try out this new one.