0h n0 is a logic game to tease your brain

Usually, when you use the exclamation, "Oh no!", it's for something fairly unpleasant. But in this case, if you like logic puzzle games, then it will be an utterance of joy every time you solve one because it means you might be running out of games to play. The game is, in fact, called 0h n0, and this is an accompaniment game to last year's 0h h1, another brain teaser to both frustrate and excite you, if you like this sort of thing.

Newspaper Boy Saga brings naughtiness to old Paperboy game

Ever dreamed of becoming a newspaper delivery boy? I know it's not really an ideal job for someone as smart as you but teenagers can learn a lot from tossing newspapers around the neighborhood. The job still requires commitment and creativity. Can it be your dream job? I'm not really sure about that but it can be a lot of (naughty) fun if you work a la the Newspaper Boy.

Slash your way to rescue with Draw Slasher arcade game

If you've always been terrified of "stupid, ugly, smelly, rotten, and disgusting creatures", (and we're not talking about your next-door neighbor okay) then now is the time to take revenge on them. And all you need is a mobile device and your finger. Oh, and yes, a new arcade game called Draw Slasher. Think of it as Fruit Ninjas but with icky creatures to slash instead.

Relieve your stress with Office Rumble combat game

Have you ever felt like the only way to solve certain office disagreements is through a good old fashioned ass kicking? Well, of course, we're already living in a "civilized" society that will frown on such a solution. Fortunately, we still have digital ways of relieving our stress and frustrations, and playing mobile games is one of the ways to do it. Office Rumble may just be the game for you, if you can't rumble in real life.

Tactics: Conqueror’s War is a card-based strategy game

Card-based mobile games have grown in popularity these days, so much so that even a top gaming outfit like Blizzard has made its own. There are a lot of card-based Android games out there, but the ones that are compelling are fewer. Maybe this new game – Tactics: Conqueror’s War – will catch your fancy.

Cross the road like a mad man with Mad Hop arcade game

We've already answered (well, sort of) the age-old question of why did the chicken cross the road with that crazy game Crossy Road. Now, we're faced with another dillema: why did the man cross such an insane road (or roads) in this newest endless arcade game? That is what you'll be facing when you play this new Android game called Mad Hop, and even if it's similar to the aforementioned chicken crossing game, it also has a charm all its own. That is, if you find the possibility of jumping across streets to your death charming.

Play a tabletop RPG digitally with Paper Dungeons

Translating board games into digital versions can be tricky at times, with the challenge to make it more interactive and exciting than in the physical world. Creating a game from scratch, with a tabletop RPG format and no existing user base to spur it along may be even more difficult. Paper Dungeons is a dungeon crawler with customizable features and a boardgame sensibility and is now out for Andoid devices.

Merchants of Kaidan, an RPG that focuses on your trading skills

Well, here’s a new thang – that a game will focus not on action but on your wits and street savvy. That’s what the new game “Merchants of Kaidan” will bring to your Android gaming experience. There’s not much visuals, but it might just offer something new for those who want to think through their games.

Mikey Boots looks like a game from the 80s

A new game has landed on Android called Mikey Boots. The name sounds like some sort of gangster from the movies and the graphics remind me of something for the 80s, only better. The idea behind the game is that you fill the boots of someone named Mikey and those boots let you fly.