Disney Infinity: Toy Box 2.0 now available on Android

Admit it or not, most of your childhood must be all about Disney movies, stories, and characters. I bet you still haven't gotten over The Lion King's Circle of Life scene or that Under the Sea moment of Ariel and Sebastian. For this generation, there's the (now annoying) Frozen kids don't seem to get tired of. Earlier this month, the classic DuckTales game was remastered for this generation but for a high price of $9.99. And recently, Disney Infinity has released an update on the Tox Boy app.

Create your own tourist haven with Paradise Island 2

If you've always fancied yourself to become a tourist conglomerate head, you can start practicing on virtual games until that day finally comes. One of the more popular economy simulation games is back to help you "train" as you create a whole island filled with tourist destination and fun and exciting activities and facilities for your guests. Welcome Paradise Island 2 into your mobile device.

All SNK Playmore premium games now at discounted prices

In celebration and remembrance of the NEO GEO’s 25th Anniversary – for those not old enough to remember, this is some seriously cool video game hardware made by SNK – app developer SNK Playmore is putting all of its premium games on the discounted price of USD$0.99. For fans of SNK’s arcade ports to Android, this should be the signal for pandemonium.

Ubisoft brings ‘Anno: Build an Empire’ strategy game to Android

Ubisoft has promised the 'Anno: Build an Empire' strategy game for Android and now it's finally ready for download. This is actually the mobile version of the popular strategy game. Players are required to build an empire stone by stone and construct several buildings. You can build, manage, construct just about anything. You can also practice being a city planner called to build a metropolis complete with infrastructre, production facilities.

Go insane driving all the cars in Does Not Commute

Some say virtual driving is more fun than actual driving. But driving in mobile games can sometimes be stressful. If you think driving one car in a driving game is already difficult, wait until you need to drive all of the cars. That is the challenge in new mobile game Does Not Commute, as you traverse through a 1970s town with a temporal paradox where you take control of all vehicles.

Control the game in this epic adventure called Sorcery! 3

Are you bored with your life right now? Are you up to battling seven serpents and encountering various creatures that may or may not kill you? Do you need some sort of epic adventure without necessarily leaving your couch? Well, then mobile games are the answer to your problems, and this latest one from the creators of award-winning game 80 Days is a doozy. Get ready to cast some spells in Sorcery! 3.

Dig your way to treasures and new discoveries in Caves n’ Chasms

If you suffer from acute claustrophobia, you might want to look away right now. This new game available on Android devices lets you dive down deep into unchartered territories underground and discover treasures, defeat monsters, and explore lost civilizations. Caves n' Chasms combines exploration, puzzle games, a bit of RPG and of course mining games to create this "underground hit" that will help you wile away time and might even get you addicted to it.

Beat the AUX B game and you might win tickets to B-Sides Music Fest

If you feel like untangling a mess of audio cables just to help a concert out, and then getting the chance to win a ticket to said major concert, all while holding your smartphone, then you better make space on your device for AUX B. If it's always been on your concert bucket list to be at the B-Sides Music Festival, then all the more reason for you to download this free puzzle game.