GameFly game streaming service launched for Amazon Fire TV

With a good number of great TV-centered devices launched recently, it looks like everybody will have to fight for their spot and market share on that niche. Amazon’s Fire TV has not been particularly a hit to begin with, and as NVIDIA rolls into the market with the SHIELD TV console and the Google Nexus Player gaining traction as both a TV and gaming console, Amazon is keen to show that it has something to offer – beginning with offering GameFly Streaming for the platform.

GameFly launching store and developing games for Android

If you are an avid gamer, especially on Android this could be some potentially awesome news. The hugely popular company GameFly is looking to get into Android full steam. If you've used their service for console gaming you'll know they are a Netflix-style monthly payment service for unlimited gaming. They've now announced the GameFly Gamestore for Android and more.