Sum It! puts your math skills to the test in a fun way

Some say there are two kinds of people in this world: those who cringe when they see numbers and those who get a thrill when they see numerical symbols, whether it's in an excel file, an infographic, or even a mobile game. If you're part of the latter, then you'll definitely enjoy a new Android game where all you can see are numbers (and some shapes and colors too).

Alcazar Puzzle to challenge your noodle in android game

Puzzle solving games on mobile devices are not as simple or as popular as say, match 3 or endless runners. But a certain sector of the mobile society prefer this type of game that will challenge their brain power even while having fun. Alcazar Puzzle would like to state its case as to why you should add it to your game collection.

Call of Duty: Heroes game hits Google Play

Fans of the Call of Duty franchise who would like to take the game on the go with them have a new video game that can be downloaded now for Android devices. The app is called Call of Duty: Heroes and it allows you to command an army of elite soldiers and drones right out of the Call of Duty franchise.

Help a TV head escape the Twisty Planets

What is a cute TV-headed creature doing just going around planets in the galaxy? Well, no one really knows and it is not important to know Qub's back story. What is important is for you to figure out how to help him escape the Twisty Planets, an award-winning 3D moving platform puzzle game that is now available on Android.

Zombiens invade Rooster Teeth in new action/stratey game

In the event of an alien invasion, or in this case a zombie alien one, it sometimes helps to have a sense of humor. Well, at least in this mobile game it does. Video production house Rooster Teeth is getting their game face on as they are digitally immortalized in this fun and funny game called, what else, Rooster Teeth vs Zombiens.

Take down E.V.I.L with Agent Awesome Android game

In the tradition of such great secret agents like James Bond, Jason Bourne, and....Austin Powers??? Wait, come to think of it, the game we're introducing is more like the latter and so we'll not compare it to the best spies in pop culture. Agent Awesome is a comedy adventure game that will try not just to glue you to your smartphone but make you chuckle as well while doing so.

Wicked Lair: Tower Defense and Dungeon Building mash-up

If you're a fan of both tower defense games and dungeon building ones, then a game that combines the best things about those two should be right up your alley. Wicked Lair is one of the newest games that is a hybrid of those two, and it should keep you glued to your smartphone for some time (or at least until you get tired of it).

OUYA reaches 1,000 games milestone

It seemed almost like an impossible dream, but they've definitely done it. OUYA has just marked its 1,000th game, reaching that number that any non-mainstream gaming platform can only dream of. It was an achievement two years in the making, and one that perhaps almost never came to be. OUYA and its community definitely have one more thing to be thankful for this holiday.

Food Battle: The Game launches on Android

If you think you're done with food-related games like Candy Crush and its Soda Saga version, I'm sorry but you'd have to extend your patience and try the Food Battle app first. Food Battle: The Game has been around for some time but it's only now Android gamers can enjoy this challenge.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a different kind of war game

World War I is not really a popular subject for a game, but Ubisoft seems to have pulled it off (meaning, make a WWI game interesting) with “Valiant Hearts: The Great War”. The game has launched initially on console, PC and iOS – but now Android and Android TV users are finally getting a bite at this different kind of war game.