Bit Dungeon II: Game to save your soul from eternal damnation

Games where you never die and just run endlessly through various locations can be a drag sometimes. You want to be challenged by something that might results in a virtual death where you have to start all over again. A sequel to a roguelike game may just be the thing for you if you feel up to facing permadeath. Welcome to Bit Dungeon II's world.

Go around the virtual world in 80 Days game for Android

When you ask people what they would do if they had a million dollars, a lot would answer that they would travel around the world. Well, if you don't have a million dollars but would still like to do it, albeit digitally and virtually, maybe you'd like to try 80 Days on your Android devices.

Viber Games to come soon to your Android smartphones

Nowadays, just being an "ordinary" messaging service may not be enough anymore, given the fierce competition with all the free messaging apps available for mobile devices. Viber is one of the most popular ones, but they're not resting on their laurels. They recently announced a new platform called Viber Games, which will be rolling out to several countries in the next few days and is expected to launch worldwide by January 2015.

World of Warriors set to do battle on Android devices

They say that deep inside the heart of men (and women too!), there is a warrior just itching to get out. But fortunately, we don't live in an age where they have to do constant battle (at least in this part of the world) and all these warrior tendencies are given reign in the digital world only. One such game is World of Warriors, now available for Android devices.

War of Tanks: Clans brings you WWII battles and missions

There aren't that many people fascinated with tanks as, let's say planes, but those who are into these battle vehicles are a passionate lot. If you're one of them or maybe just curious about what makes them tick, then you should try out War of Tanks: Clans, the sequel to the popular War of Tanks game, previously available for the Android market as well.

SimplePlane lets you design and fly your own custom plane

Have you ever dreamed of designing your own plane but never really got around to studying all the math stuff involved? Did you plan to become a pilot but maybe your eyesight or lack of hand eye coordination prevent you from becoming one? You can live out your aviator dreams through a new Android game called SimplePlane, but it's anything but actually simple.

Checkpoint Champion burns rubber onto Android

Checkpoint Champion is a new game that has launched for Android gamers that puts you behind the wheel of several different cars. The goal of the game is to finish a series of ten second challenges to win the game. Players will weave through checkpoints on asphalt, dirt, water, grass, and mud.

Guide the walking-sleeping people to safety with the Sleepwalkers game

Some fairytales would have the prince wake up the princess to save the kingdom or to defeat the wizard in order to wake up the whole land under a sleeping curse. Then there are those where the hero just has to keep the sleepwalkers sleeping but bring them to safety while evil forces abound. This is basically what you have to do with the new Android game from developer Digital Fairytales, and it's called, well, Sleepwalkers.

Pumpex BMX 2 lets you digitally live your biking dreams

If you've always wanted to someday do those ridiculous stunts that you see from your favorite bikers, you can now do so digitally and without hurting a single bone on your body (well, maybe your finger). Pumped BMX was a huge hit back in 2012 and now it's back with an updated edition of the app called, of course, Pumped BMX 2, now available on Android.
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