Go on a robot adventure with Big Hero 6 tie-up mobile game

The new Disney animated film Big Hero 6 is set to open on November 7, and of course just like any adventure-type movie now, it has to have a mobile game tie-in. Big Hero 6 Bot Fight is set a year after the events of the movie, but don't worry, there are no spoilers here (or so we hope). This is a match 3 game, so it shouldn't be that complicated. But you probably should have seen the movie, or at least the trailer, to have some appreciation for the game.

Guns ‘n Glory Heroes now optimized for Android Wear

Did you ever dream of using your watch to fight off evil forces that are hell bent on attacking you? Well, this new game may be the closest thing you've got. Tower defense game Guns 'n Glory Heroes has now been optimized so you can play it on your smartwatches running on the Android Wear platform, namely the LG G Watch, the Moto 360, the Samsung Gear Live and the Sony Smartwatch 3.

Age of Zombies: Season 2 looks like Walking Dead

Age of Zombies: Season 2 has been unveiled bringing with it a new story arc with new content and updates in the works. This game reminds me more than a little of Walking Dead, the lead character with the revolver and hat is what does it. The game is from Halfbrick Studios and costs 99 cents to purchase.

Defend your city with your fighter jet in Jet Run

If it's always been your dream to fly a fighter jet through your city, but you neither have a fighter jet nor a city to defend, then it is best to do it virtually. A new game from the same developers of best-selling game Catapault King will allow you do just that with their new endless runner game, Jet Run. But instead of actual running, you get to fly through a city as you defend it from enemies that are attempting to take over.

Battleheart Legacy signals Mika Mobile’s return to Android

Game developer Mika Mobile stopped making games for the Android platform back in 2012 (reasons speculated but unverified). But now two years later they are back with Battleheart Legacy, a dungeon crawler sequel to a hugely popular game for iOS devices. Android users will now be able to experience the rich and detailed fantasy world where you get to play a hero on a mission to defeat the enemy, get new weapons and abilities and establish your legacy. Yeah, no problem, it's that simple.

Underworld: Drug Lords updated with police chases

If you have been looking for a way to live out your Miami Vice fantasies without risking life in prison, a new game has hit Android that you may want to check out. The game is called Underworld: Drug Lords and it updated this week. The game lets players moonlight as a drug kingpin.

Metal Skies brings aerial combat to Android

A new game landed on Android this week called Metal Skies that fans of flight games will like. The game puts players behind the stick of several types of aircraft used to blow the enemy out of the sky. The game offers a one-touch aircraft interface making it easy to get right into a battle.

Secret of Mana now a 16-bit wonder again in Android

If you're a child of the 90s and grew up on Nintendo video games, then this "old new" game on Android will thrill you. Secret of Mana is back in all its 16-bit glory and this time you can play it on any Android mobile device. Nostalgia seems to be the theme for a lot of pop culture these past few months (maybe years!) and you will definitely feel that as you play this old fashioned Super Nintendo game.

Major Gun lets you virtually save the day from terrorists

While it is sometimes fun to play games with elaborate stories, complicated gameplay and long-winded missions, there are times when you just want to virtually shoot stuff, straight-up. For those times, there is a new game in town called aptly enough, Major Gun. It says they're the first endless arcade shooter game on Android, and it wants to capture the hearts of those who are looking for a way to virtually relieve their tension by shooting evil people bent on taking over their virtual town.

Dot Dot game lands on Android

We are always keen for a new game to play around here, and a new one has landed recently on Google Play called Dot Dot. The game sounds simple enough, but promises to be very challenging as it moves on. In the game, players line up dots to match other dots on the screen.
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