Cubic Castles: a sandbox, platformer, MMORPG, puzzle game all in one

Creative gamers may like playing a lot of uniform, standard games, but there will come a point when they'd want to create a gaming world of their own, even without developer or programming skills. This is why sandbox games like Minecraft have massive popularity. What if you can have one that is a sandbox, platforme, puzzle game and is also a massive multiplayer world? This is what Cubic Castles is trying to be.

Snake Defender: a classic game now with an RPG twist

Back when we all had normal or "not so smart" phones, we whiled our time away either by endlessly texting our friends or marathon playing a game called Snakes. It was simple and graphics were basic, but it was oh so addictive (and difficult at times). Now game developers have "resurrected" that game and given it an RPG twist in the new Android game, Snake Defender.

Roller Polar rides a snowball onto Android

Roller Polar is a game that puts players into that action as a cute little polar bear who has to ride a giant snowball down a mountain. Players have to zip down the mountain as they dodge boulders, trees, and other wildlife.

Tipsoccer: fun game even if you don’t know anything about soccer

"We have no idea how soccer works. We just want to play it." So goes the game description for Tipsoccer. But lest you be fooled that it's just a bit of non-sense game that will take up space on your device, it is actually a physics-based game, with a lot of fun, drunk AI opponents and pop culture references thrown in the mix.

Wake up his highness in The Sleeping Prince: Royal Ed.

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a princess who fell under a sleeping curse. Only a "strong, heroic prince" should be able to wake her up and save the entire kingdom (well, this isn't really a very progressive game isn't it?) from the spell. The problem? The Prince is also under the sleeping spell, so it's up to you to literally drag him to rescue the kingdom.

7 Minute Superhero Workout makes you the hero earth needs

If you think superheroes (not the alien ones okay) are born with the bodies they have, think again. They probably spent hours working out in the gym, training in their backyard or running around the city. Okay, we might be mixing real life and fictional heroes here, but an Android app seems to be mixing real-life exercise and fictional gameplay as well. Welcome to the 7 Minute Superhero Workout.

World of Tanks Blitz now available on Android devices

If you're the kind of person who gets a thrill out of looking at tanks or dreams of driving one someday, then this MMO action game should make you happy. The popular game World of Tanks Blitz is now available on Android and it brings you the same action-packed tank battles, but now on mobile so you can play it wherever you are and whatever device you're using.

RGB Express lands on Android

If you like challenging puzzle games that start simple to get you hooked and then get challenging, you will appreciate RGB Express. This game has been available on iOS devices for a while and has now come to Android. The game involves picking a path for the colored trucks so they can drop their deliveries off at the right color building.
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