Foosball Cup goes world class in new Android game

If you're still on a post-World Cup hangover, even almost five months after the biggest world football tournament ended, you have probably been reliving your frustrations on mobile games. If you want to try something rather than the traditional football style, then you can try out the newest iteration of the Foosball Cup Android game, which has now gone World style, just like there's an actual Foosball World Cup.

Angry Birds Go multiplayer update now available

If you have played the Angry Birds Go racing game in the past and longed for the ability to play against other people, you need the latest update for the game. The new multiplayer update is out and ready to download. With the update applied, you will be able to race directly against friends and rival crews with 3 vs. 3 multiplayer races.

Mad Bullets: a mad, crazy rail-shooting game on Android

If you firmly believe that in another life, you would have thrived in an era and environment like the Wild Wild West, then chances are, you would enjoy this new game now available on the Android platform. The developers of Mad Bullets claims that it is the easiest and craziest game out there in its genre, and if you like shooting things on your mobile screen and having eccentric characters running around, then you might have to agree with them.

TwoDots game lands on Google Play

Android gamers have a new game on Google Play to check out right now called TwoDots. TwoDots is a sequel to Dots, which was a very highly rated and popular game. TwoDots is free to play for life, which is great for gamers who don’t like spending money on games.

Save the world from E. Ville in Agent, Run! Android game

If you've ever fancied yourself to be a James Bond (or maybe Max Smart from Get Smart?) type of secret agent, out to save the world from megalomaniac evil professors who aim for world domination, then chances are, you would want to play games like Agent, Run! if only to live for digital thrills. Yes, this is an endless runner type of game, but is more gesture-based rather than just turning your device to make your character run, well, endlessly.

Dig deep and match three in Puzzle to the Center of the Earth

Does anyone still remember the Jules Verne book or the subsequent movie, either the original or the remake, Journey to the Center of the Earth? Well, this new game is not related to that even if it has certain words and elements in common. Puzzle to the Center of the Earth (now you see?) is a unique blend of match three, platforming and digging game that should see you occupied enough to stop thinking about how this relates to the book or movie (really it doesn't).

Gauntlet comes to OnLive for Mad Catz Mojo

Back in the 80s, one of the coolest video games in the arcade was Gauntlet. The cool thing about it was that it would allow up to four people to play the game at once, each with their own characters. That classic arcade game has now landed for OnLive in a form similar to the version that landed on Steam for the PC.

Global Assault squad-based RPG blasts onto Android

RPG gamers looking for a new game for their Android devices might want to check out Global Assault. The game has 3D graphics and lets you play against other players from around the world. In the game, the Heroes of Havoc fight against the Shattered Sun forces in turn based combat.

Obslashin’ lets you slash away at endless enemies

Fans of dungeon looting games will want to check out a new game that has just landed for Android called Obslashin. This game is described as a compulsive combat clicker. Players will get to explore dungeons as they upgrade their weapons and level up characters to take them further in the game.

Soul Taker-Face of Fatal Blow: an MMO with luscious graphics

Android is filled to the brim with games, but let's be honest, not all of them can be flaunted around for "best in show". At least, depending on your actual preference for graphics. There are definitely a few that are designed to put your phones or tablets to the test. Soul Taker tries to be one of them, offering players with beautifully rendered 3D graphics and over the top effects to fill up phone's screen. And it's an MMORPG to boot.
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