Escape from Montegrande tests your skiing skills, speed

Montegrande is the highest prison in the world. Anyone trapped inside the horrible place would want to escape for good. If you’re a prisoner, go on and try to escape from Montegrande and outsmart the policemen who will go on their way to hunt you down.

Outcast Odyssey brings card-battling to another level

For serious gamers, a game that will combine dungeon crawling, card collecting/battling and RPG in one package is probably a dream come true. One new title available on Android devices called Outcast Odyssey does just that. It is based on the real-life card-battling game, but now adapted in mobile gaming format. It lets those who've played the game before experience it on a whole new level and can also bring in new fans who've never tried this kind of game before.

Block Fortress: War launches on Android

If you play Minecraft, you know that there are a slew of mods for that game including some that turn the game into a shooter. A new game has landed for Android gamers to check out called Block Fortress: War and it reminds me a bit of one of those Minecraft shooter mods.

Enterchained lets you hack and slash your way to glory

Little did General Maximus Decimus (yes, we know he's fictional) know that his iconic line "Are you not entertained?" will one day be repurposed by game developers into something more, well, entertaining. This new hack and slash type of game is called Enterchained, and just like in the movie Gladiator, you are the source of entertainment for the bloody thirsty audience at the Colloseum where you have to fight way your way to freedom, but this time with a twist.

Ace Ferrera: a simple, funny journey through space

With the recent success of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and also the penchant for throwback cartoons from the 80s and 90s, a game like Ace Ferrera and the Dino Menace has come just in the nick of time. The adventure game is set in space, has a wickedly funny (and punny) sense of humor and a simple enough mission that will keep you entertained and not so frustrated as you play it. Oh, and did we mention that the great villain in this piece is a talking cat with dinosaur soldiers?

Award-winning Joinz puzzle game now on Android

While we do love to solve puzzles on our mobile phones, sometimes the games available are not enough to challenge us. One game that looks simple enough but will eventually get your spatial (and color) knowledge going is Joinz, an endless puzzle game that has won awards in other platforms and is now available for Android devices. The game is like a love-child of the good old Tetris and puzzle game Threes!, but just a bit more complicated and does not involve math.

Sony releases F2P Fat Princess: Piece of Cake on Android

Sony has just released its Fat Princess: Piece of Cake game for Android, a free-to-play match three game that you should be able to take to immediately. It’s a classic “match three” game in the tradition of “Bejeweled” so there is no learning curve here to speak of, just another cute and fun time waster on your Android device.

Octagon promises frustrating fun

If you like games that require fast reflexes like Temple Run or Impossible Road a new game has launched that you will want to check out. The game is called Octagon and rather than having people that are running players control, this game has a ball rolling through a world that is constantly changing.

Drone: Shadow Strike blasts onto Android

The weekend is nearly here and if you are looking for a new game to play during your downtime check out the new game that has landed recently on Google Play. The game is called Drone: Shadow Strike and it allows players to control a drone as it attacks the bad guys.