GameStick to share PlayStation 4 launch date

Looking back through the GameStick news and the word delay seems to be a frequent occurrence. And well, having said that, it looks like the GameStick is suffering yet another small delay. While we could consider it nothing more than another in a series of delays, this time around the console has shown up with an interesting choice for a launch date -- November 15th.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star arrives in the Play Store

Disney Mobile, along with LucasArts and Nimblebit have released Star Wars: Tiny Death Star for Android users. Some may recognize the Nimblebit name from Tiny Tower. But that aside, the game has arrived by way of the Google Play Store and while it is free to download and free to play, some may be a bit more excited about the look -- 8-bit. Tiny Death Star has you playing on the Dark Side with Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine, however many of the familiar Star Wars characters can be found.

Niantic Labs drops Ingress invitation requirement

Google may have already dropped the mention of beta from the Ingress Play Store listing, however it looks like the game still has a few weeks before the beta officially ends. Niantic Labs has announced that Ingress will exit beta on December 14, 2013. This date coincides with the conclusion of the 9-week, 39-city global event that is called Operation #13MAGNUS.

NVIDIA SHIELD Android 4.3 update brings Console Mode and more

NVIDIA has announced and detailed the latest software update for the SHIELD. This one will be rolling out over-the-air and it will be arriving with several new features and lots more in terms of functionality. Just to begin with, this update will bump your handheld console to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. But there will also be Console Mode, a Gamepad Mapper and more.

OUYA game console will soon be shipping with updated controller

Earlier in the week we learned the OUYA game console was going to be getting a bigger retail push in the US market. At the time there was mention of how the system would be heading to all 1,800 retail locations. And as part of that push, the packaging was going to be reworked to highlight and promote games and other content. Well, it looks like the outer package is not going to be the only thing changing with OUYA.

OUYA retail push beginning this month with Target

The OUYA game console launched in the US market back in June. Since then the console has been available with a few retailers including GameStop, Target and Best Buy. The key with the retail availability though, none of those retailers had the console available in every location. Flash forward till the present day and it looks like Target is getting ready to make that move.

Dead Trigger 2 arriving for Android today

Madfinger Games has been teasing the release of Dead Trigger 2 for quite some time now. Looking all the way back to January we saw a brief demo and mention of how it was the first Tegra 4 game. We ended up getting to spend a bit of time with a demo version of Dead Trigger 2 when it appeared on the, then called, Project SHIELD in March. And while we were not expecting the game to drop until late in 2013, it wasn't until September when that release date was finally confirmed.

NVIDIA SHIELD GameStream Console Mode hands-on

NVIDIA has been showing off GameStream at an event today and part of that includes something called Game Console Mode. While we offered a bit of detail on the setup earlier in the day, we now have some video, which should offer a much better look at how this all works. Anyway, this video offers a look at a setup using Steam, a PC, the SHIELD, a Bluetooth controller and a television.