Alien Star Menace lets you beat the odds in massive battles

Aliens are always interesting characters when it comes to strategy games. But as always, they are the rude enemies wickedly attacking your planet. In the Alien Star Menace, the starship Paladin is being attacked by these vicious aliens. No, they will never be friendly to you so you really have to overcome these intruders.

Beast Towers lets you summon beasts to defeat humans

Most kick-ass strategy games are listed under paid apps and they make you spend more for in-app purchases. Welcome Beast Towers--another strategy game that is described as something different, new, interesting, and something French because it was created by French developer Baptiste Largaiolli. It's a tower defense game that involves humans attacking your castle. To defend your place, you need to call on the beasts to take on the humans.

Boss Monster card game comes to life on Android

Here's another strategy card game that will probably make you busy. There are numerous similar games already but only a few can capture a true geek's attention. The indie card game has finally arrived on Android, ready to challenge players to become the ultimate villains. This dungeon-building card game can make the players become video game bosses. Who doesn't want to become a boss at least once in his lifetime?