Galaxy Tab

Galaxy Tab and 3 New Android Devices part of the AT&T holiday lineup

Engadget just got another AT&T internal leak, this time detailing the carriers lineup for the 2010 holiday season. Among the devices being released for the holiday season, we see the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The Galaxy Tab will be Android 2.2 based - even with the apparent lack of support from Google - but it may be an acceptable size for Android 2.2 Froyo.

Samsung Galaxy Tab coming to A&T, Verizon, and Sprint this month?

While news of the upcoming Galaxy Tab from Samsung is hard to come by these days, if “people familiar with the matter” are correct we will be seeing a multi-carrier rollout in just a few days, starting September 16th. Samsung is said to have made deals with these three carriers to launch to a broader audience and hopefully offering flexibility will result in more sales. This is a competitive strategy, Samsung is already estimating they will sell ten million units this year alone, and with a multi-carrier rollout this is very possible.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Could Be around $200 to $400

By the looks of things, the Galaxy tab might not be as expensive as what we were hearing last week. Samsung is whispering things that point to the Galaxy Tab costing at the $200 to $400 dollar range. We are also positive that the different storage sizes will make a difference in the pricing.

Samsung Mobile Announcement, We Will Be there!

Go ahead and put this in your Google calendar, we received and invite to an event that Samsung will be having on the 16th of September for some announcements. Will this be the big Galaxy Tab announcement or something else new in store for Samsung? Until then keep your calendars marked, it will be here sooner than you will know it. Check back on Android Community on the date to hear all the news.
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