Galaxy Tab

New Samsung Tab Promo Site targeting Moms

We are getting closer and closer to the Samsung Galaxy Tab launch taking place in November. Samsung is advertising the Galaxy Tab quite a bit, trying it's best to get it's tablet offering to the masses. This time, targeting busy moms, Samsung shows off some of the useful features that moms can relate to.

Galaxy Tab coming to O2 November 1st

Just as expected, the Galaxy Tab will be hitting the O2 network on the first of November. The Tab will be available online at and in selected stores that Monday. O2 Gurus will also be on hand in most stores to help customers set up, activate, and answer any questions they might have about their new Android 2.2 tablet.

Galaxy Tab Gets Knockoff Treatment

Let me get a little bit meta on you for a moment with a little fact about an artist who goes by the name KAWS. He is a collector of art, other people's creations, but not other people's art. He collects knockoffs of his own designs. He has shelves of toys and clothing with designs that are derivatives and/or attempts at creating his brand again to make a little bit of chump change. The same thing happens here in the tech world every single day of the year. Today it's going on with the Galaxy Tab.

Samsung Releases List of Galaxy Tab Accessories

Samsung released today a list of accessories it plans on releasing alongside the Galaxy Tab in the UK. This tablet's got a whole gaggle of lovely little items you're going to just NEED to buy if you're going to get your whole Galaxy experience. There's a leather slip case, speakers, a gel case, TV-out cable (for when you want to tab largely), in-car charger... basically everything you'd perhaps have expected, but with all kinds of fancy prices and release dates.

T-Mobile Galaxy Tab: $399 on contract, $649 without

The much hyped Samsung Galaxy Tab, that is coming later this year to the US, has had it’s pricing (finally) revealed. According to the screen shot of an internal T-Mobile page, the pricing has been revealed to be $399 on contract, and $649 without.

Samsung Galaxy Tab gets Gorilla glass

We already know all we really need to know about the Galaxy Tab that is set to land in Europe soon. The little Android tablet has a lot of folks excited and ready to buy even if it is a bit expensive on some plans. We learned a new detail about the Tab and its screen today.
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