Galaxy Tab

Sprint Galaxy Tab gets official Update, for real this time

Samsung has now announced the DJ30 update for the Sprint version of the Galaxy Tab. The last time users saw an update, it could not be located on Sprint's OTA servers and eventually failed. This update is now confirmed to be working and bringing many fixes along with it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Production Cut in Half, According to Analyst

Samsung has some pretty strong claims about the tablet market. They see it as a lucrative prospect, and they plan on hitting it hard come 2011. Of course, their first device in the market was the Galaxy Tab, and the company believes that they will be able to sell a ridiculous amount of them just in the year 2010, even as it's wrapping up. But, according to one analyst, that's not actually going to happen -- in fact, he believes quite the opposite.

Sprint Galaxy Tab gets OTA update, doesn’t work

The newest OTA news happens to be coming not from a smartphone, but from Sprint's recently released Galaxy Tab. According to the guys over at Android Central, users of the device were prompted with system update MR0 DJ30. The update was said to address "the Microsoft Exchange IT Admin policy compliance and SMS short code messaging.”

Samsung Galaxy Tab for Verizon Reviewed by SlashGear

So, you're interested in the Galaxy Tab tablet device for Verizon. You saw our review of the device for T-Mobile, and now, since you're choosing Verizon as your carrier of choice for your tablet needs, you want to see how the Verizon model stacks up. Good thing SlashGear has you covered, as they've just posted their review for the Verizon-branded Galaxy Tab.

Rogers No Contract Pricing for the Galaxy Tab Leaked

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is available in the US already on T-Mobile and Verizon, and soon AT&T and Sprint, but Canadians aren't so lucky- they haven't even got an official pricing of the famed 7-inch tablet. However, we may be getting a glimpse of what it could be priced at according to a leaked shot of a Rogers pricing chart.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Offered for Online Pre-Sale

Sprint Premier members have today received a lovely little message in their inbox, one that included a giant image of a Samsung Galaxy TAB staring back at them with a price tag of $399.99, free shipping, and pre-order goodness. This offer is limited to the next three days and is acutally $449.99 - $50 instant savings, plus requires a two-year agreement with new line activation. Data plans begin at $29.99 a month for 2GB.

Galaxy Tab coming to AT&T for $649 November 21st?

Joining both Verizon and T-Mobile, AT&T is now rumored to be set to launch the Galaxy Tab on their network November 21st. In a leaked training document it's not only revealed that the potential launch date is the 21st, but also gives us a price: $649.99 without contract.

Wall Street Journal comes to Android via Samsung Galaxy Tab

With the majority of the big news outlets already on the Android devices, but the Wall Street Journal happened to be missing from the group. Well it has now come to the Android platform in the form of the Galaxy Tab. Looks like they were waiting for a worthy device to carry their digital newspaper, and the Galaxy Tab has been given the honor of the app.

WiFi Only Galaxy Tab Delayed until after the holidays

We first heard about the WiFi only Galaxy Tab a few months back. Being the perfect option for many who do not want to be tied to a carrier and are willing to pay a higher price, it made many people excited. However, since then, things have changed a bit. It looks as if the rumors were true, the Galaxy Tab WiFi only will be delayed past this years holiday season.
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