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New Samsung Galaxy Tab Firmware Might Block Hacks

Reports claim that Samsung may soon roll out a new firmware update for the Galaxy Tab that will block all jailbreaks, roots and other custom firmware. The new JM6 A, C, and D builds are all planned to prevent unauthorized firmware from running.

Android tablets to grab 39% of market by 2012

The tablet market today is dominated by the Apple iPad. The number of alternatives to the iPad is growing though with new offerings running Android landing all the time. One of the more popular alternatives to the iPad is the Galaxy Tab.

$199.99 Galaxy Tab as US Cellular boosts discount

US Cellular has further discounted its version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, pushing the 7-inch Android slate down to $199.99 after various rebates (and assuming the usual 2-year agreement). That makes it the cheapest way to get your hands on the Froyo tablet in the US, though it does require a $100 mail-in rebate be processed. However, the $200 deal is not available with US Cellular's cheaper data plans (if you want to pay just $14.99 for 200MB of data a month, you're still looking at $399.99 for the Tab itself), with packages starting from $54.99 per month for 5GB.

Griffin Elan Passport Galaxy Tab Case Review

Griffin Technology is well known for its range of Apple accessories, but with the latest Elan Passport case it's branching out into Android tablets. Sized for Samsung's Galaxy Tab, the folio-style case fits both the 7-inch slate and a couple of credit cards, the modern-day equivalent of a Filo-Fax. The leather-style case unsurprisingly adds a little thickness to the Galaxy Tab, measuring around 0.9-inches with the slate inside. Branding-free, bar an embossed Griffin logo in the bottom left corner, it's held shut with a simple strap and loop arrangement. Inside, a light grey microsuede interior is suitably soft to rub up close with the shiny Samsung. On the inside left panel there are two slots, cut out for taking credit cards, receipts or other scraps of paper. The Galaxy Tab is held in place with four corner hooks, two of which are elasticated. The headphone jack and right side buttons are left clear, as is the charging/docking port on the bottom edge, but the speaker holes are partially covered. There's no real impact on audio performance, however, and the Tab is held in place sturdily; we couldn't shake it out, either with the front closed or open. What you don't get is a cut-out for the Galaxy Tab's rear camera, meaning that if you want to take a photo you'll have to remove the tablet altogether. The reassuring hold of the corner hooks can make this a tricky process if you're in a hurry to grab a shot. As for the front-facing camera and light sensor, they're left uncovered so that you can still make video calls. Construction quality is high, with tough stitching and sufficient overlap at the edges to protect the Tab should it be dropped or bumped. Back when Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab at IFA 2010, the company described it as a modern day personal organizer - small enough to fit into your inside suit pocket, and with the custom apps to make it a suitable replacement for a paper-based diary. The classic styling of the Griffin Elan Passport does make it feel more business-focussed. With an RRP of $29.99 / £29.95, the Griffin's most significant rival will be Samsung's own easel case. The Elan Passport is faux-leather, unlike the Samsung's real leather, and the official case also has a bi-folding cover that props the tablet up for watching videos or more comfortable typing in landscape orientation. It's also cheaper, with a street price undercutting that of the Griffin by a few dollars or pounds. The Elan Passport is a sturdy, serviceable case that does what it promises, but there's no stand-out feature to sufficiently differentiate it from other folios. [gallery]

iLuv Introduces Samsung Galaxy Tab Accessories

So you've got yourself a new Samsung Galaxy Tab, now what? How do you keep it protected from the nicks and drops that it's likely going to experience? iLuv has you covered with a just announced array of Galaxy Tab accessories.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Could Feature NVIDIA Chip, Analyst Claims

Rumors about the Galaxy Tab 2 may not be as rampant as rumors for other tablet devices out there, but that will more than likely change very soon, as Samsung nears a release date for the next version of their Tab. One rumor, that puts NVIDIA smack-dab at its center, just won't seem to die, and now a semiconductor analyst is stepping in to put his two cents into the situation.

Galaxy Tab Luxury Edition to cost about $1000

If you are a wealthy geek that wants a Galaxy Tab, but you don’t want the same old plain version everyone else gets a new Luxury Edition is coming. The Luxury version will set you back $1,000 and was unveiled at the Millionaire Fair expo in Europe.

Speck launches new cases for Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S

Speck has been making cases for all sorts of smartphones and tablets for a long time that are some of the coolest you will find for various devices. Speck has announced that it has new cases for some of the most popular Android devices around. Speck offers cases for the Galaxy Tab and for the Galaxy S smartphone.

WiFi Only Galaxy Tab on Hold says BestBuy

Waiting seems to be a commonplace when talking about the WiFi only Samsung Galaxy Tab. We heard that it was supposed to be launched alongside the 3G version, but plans have dwindled and we have been left in the dark about the status of the device. Best Buy seems to be going back on their recommendation of it in their November mobile buyers guide and are now issuing a correction in stores stating that we will not be seeing the device here soon. Jeff Jarvis snapped a shot of the delay notice, which you can read below. Now we didn't think we would see the device in November. Samsung has commented on delays for the device but other than that, details have been scarce. However, we can only assume they're pretty eager to get it to the public as quickly as possible, hopefully before the holidays. [Via AndroidCentral]
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