Galaxy Tab 10.1

Apple beats Australian retailers into submission over Galaxy Tab sales

A while back we told you about independent Australian retailers refusing to honor the ruling from Apple's civil case against Samsung. A small number of independent shops and websites skirted the sales ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 by importing them directly from China without buying them from Samsung first. Well it looks like Apple's legal reach (not to mention gall) knows no bounds: the company has halted sales at all but one of the "rogue" retailers, in some cases using threatening letters to convince them of their position.

Aussie retailers skirt Apple injunction to sell Galaxy Tab 10.1

Apple won a major victory in its "thermonuclear war" with Android in Australia, where the civil court upheld a sales injunction against Samsung's Galaxy Tab based on Apple's practical and design patents. But the courts are no obstacle for the determined, and a collection of crafty online retailers are still selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 down under. Like Prohibition smugglers they get their stock from outside the continent and sell the tablets as import items, exploiting a loophole in Australian law.

T-Mobile announces Springboard and Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets, available this year

It looks like the leaked T-Mobile roadmap from last week is progressing right on track. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the "T-Mobile Springboard", which is almost certainly the Huawei "Tallsome" tablet we espied a while back, are both coming to the carrier before the holidays. T-Mobile wasn't forthcoming with an exact release date or price on either, but we've got a pretty good idea.

Samsung attempts iPhone 4S ban in Italy and France, files for iPad rejection

Can't we all just get along? When it comes to international tech megacorps, apparently not. Fresh off of Apple's refusal to accept a settlement in the Australian patent case over the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung has filed preliminary injunctions in both Italy and France to halt the sales of the new iPhone 4S before they even begin. Apple had hoped to rollout the updated iPhone across 70 countries later this month.
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