Galaxy S4

Verizon GALAXY S 4 bootloader unlocked before release

For those who have been following the ongoing news regarding Samsung's GALAXY S 4 and the bootloader, we have good news. After AT&T's model was found to be locked down tight a few developers quickly addressed the problem and hacked the bootloader on the GALAXY S 4. Now just days before Verizon's flavor hits the streets the same dev has already got custom recoveries up and running on the handset. Rejoice Android modders.

Samsung GALAXY S 4 ‘Google Edition’ will be a U.S. exclusive

When Google took the stage last week at their annual Google I/O developer event, many were extremely excited to see they'll be offering a stock Nexus-like Samsung GALAXY S 4 in the Play Store. We're sure many of you Android faithful around the world were quite excited to hear the news as well, but sadly it looks like the device might end up being a U.S. exclusive. At least for the first few months.

GALAXY S 4 Active video leak highlights camera and processor details

Samung's GALAXY S 4 Active is expected to arrive as a ruggedized version of the regular GALAXY S 4 and while we are still waiting on an official announcement, the handset has surfaced once again. Yesterday we saw some of the first images of the handset and today it looks like the device has returned in video. The video is on the shorter side, however it does provide an additional look. Not to mention, a few extra details on the specs.

Otterbox Defender and Commuter GALAXY S 4 case hands-on

We're here in Vegas for CTIA 2013, where the latest and greatest in mobile devices and accessories are shown off to the masses. Things officially get kicked off tomorrow but here at ShowStoppers tonight we ran into Otterbox and quickly got a glance at their new cases for the GALAXY S 4. With it being the hottest new phone, and everyone loving Otterbox we figured a few pictures were in order.

GALAXY S 4 Active images leak showing a ruggedized red device

We have seen a few leaks related to the GALAXY S 4 Active in recent history. Looking back and we have seen details that suggested a release would be coming in July and that the handset would be heading towards AT&T as the SGH-I537. Time will tell how accurate these leaks end up being, however as of today it looks like a few images have been revealed. The images are offering a look at both the front and back of the handset and have come along with some details in terms of specs.

Samsung GALAXY S 4 sales to hit 10 million next week

Samsung GALAXY S 4 sales are expected to cross the 10 million mark within the week. Assuming things play out as Samsung is expecting, this would have the GALAXY S 4 taking the fastest sales honor away from the Galaxy S III. The talk of GALAXY S 4 sales is coming by way of Samsung CEO JK Shin who had been speaking at an industry event in Seoul.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Nexus edition eyes-on

For those wanting the top of the line GALAXY S 4 without Samsung's software tweaks, Google and Samsung have delivered. Now that the big first day at Google I/O has ended, many are wondering what new hardware will be available. And Samsung's GALAXY S 4 Nexus Edition is it. With Google's Nexus devices not supporting 4G LTE, and even the latest only being 720p, this is how we'll get the best of both worlds.