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Galaxy S 4, S III, Note II Android 4.3 schedule confirmed by French carrier

As we keep on the lookout for the upcoming Android 4.4 KitKat reveal next month, we're still keeping an eye on Android 4.3, which seems to be slowly but surely rolling out to devices. Now we're receiving confirmation that next in line to get the updates will not only be Samsung's current Galaxy S 4 flagship but even last year's Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II models as well.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Q Card Wallet case review

Lately we've been seeing more and more cases with other functions aside from just protecting your smartphone, and one of those is the wallet case. While they're more popular for the iPhone, Samsung's Galaxy S4 has a few options as well. Today we'll be showing off the Q Card Case for the Galaxy S4 by a company called CM4. Read on to see what we thought, and if we'd use it daily.

Samsung’s Tizen OS 3.0 spotted on the Galaxy S4

The idea behind Samsung ditching Android in the future is nothing new, and we've heard reports, tips, and rumors on this for a long while. However, lately their Tizen OS has been getting a lot of attention. Some say it's been shelved, but recently it was reportedly spotted running quite smooth on the companies current Android flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

AT&T Galaxy S4 drops to $29 in like-new condition

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is arguably one of the best smartphones available today from all carriers, including AT&T. The device comes in with top-tier specs across the board and has so many features you probably won't even know what to do with half of them. Well, if you've been eying the GS4 but didn't have the $199 to throw down for one, AT&T has you covered.

Samsung Galaxy S4 tops AnTuTu 2013 semi-annual report

AnTuTu, makers of the popular Android benchmarking utility. has just released its report summarizing data that it has collected for the first half of this year, from January to June 2013. They have grouped the results of their data analysis into two broad categories: hardware performance of smartphones on a global scale and popularity in select Asian markets.

LG G2 vs Moto X and Galaxy S4

The brand new smartphone from LG Electronics was unveiled today in New York City, that being their new G2 of course. With a stunning 5.2-inch edge-to-edge display, tons of power under the hood, and an aim to re-imagine buttons on a smartphone. So how does the new G2 stack up against the competition? Quite well actually. Beating the Galaxy S4 in nearly every category, and killing the Moto X, we figured a few comparison photos were in order.
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