Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S II commercial clevery touts slim design

Samsung's latest commercial for it's Galaxy S II Android smartphone cleverly shows just how thin it is. The commercial shows a rather irate girlfriend slamming the door on her significant other after a tiff. The BF takes a picture of himself looking squashed and then slides it under the door jam with a funny quip. Humor is always the direct line to a woman's heart and a smile emerges.

Galaxy S II hits Korea with NFC payment system ready to go

In Korea, KT is rolling out a new NFC payment system that will also users of compatible mobile phones to pay for purchases using their smartphones. NFC payments for smart devices are becoming a big deal all around the world and some of the biggest firms in the tech realm are backing NFC payments systems in the US and abroad. In the US Google is pushing hard for NFC and several major credit card companies are also backing NFC plans.