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Android 2.2 Coming To Samsung Galaxy S Devices “As Soon As Possible”

It's well known that Samsung USA hasn't been exactly highly focused on bringing Android 2.2 to it's range of Galaxy S devices. Users in the US have been waiting for many months, even through other countries receiving the update. Good news, though, Samsung has just tweeted that the Android 2.2 update will be coming "as soon as possible."

Samsung hits 10M mark with global Galaxy S sales

Samsung had big sales numbers in mind when it tossed the Galaxy S onto the market. The Galaxy S came to just about every carrier in the US with everyone giving the handsets its own name. Sister site SlashGear reviewed the Fascinate for Verizon for example. The device was a very nice smartphone and with the broad availability it’s no surprise that the handset sold well.

Samsung Galaxy S Devices in the US Listed as Having Android 2.2 on Samsung’s Product Page [Update]

It wouldn't be the first time, or even the second, that someone in control of a company's website jumped the gun in one fashion or another. But, for Samsung, perhaps letting someone inform the world that devices like Sprint's Samsung Epic 4G, and Verizon's Samsung Fascinate as having Android 2.2 right now isn't the smartest idea. That is, of course, unless you plan on updating those devices right now.

Samsung sell 9.3m Galaxy S worldwide; 10m by end of year

Samsung is reportedly claiming to have sold 9.3m units of its Galaxy S smartphone - and variants - worldwide, with the company looking forward to passing the 10m mark before the end of the year. 2m of those sales were in Korea, apparently making the Galaxy S the first smartphone to break that milestone (and beating the iPhone to it too). The Galaxy S helped Samsung grab the number one Android smartphone spot in the last quarter. [via TNW]

Grab a Lagfix for your Galaxy S Device WITHOUT Voodoo

So you've got a Galaxy S device and you want it improved. You'd like it not only to work better, but faster. Have you taken a bite of Voodoo? Once you do, you'll find that there's a Lagfix that'll replace your cruddy RFS filesystem with the Linux-standard Ext4 filesystem. What's that do? It restores your I/O performance and overall user experience to the speeds and quality it aught to be! Now, with the help of XDA member supercurio, you can have these Ext4 speed improvements with a totally safe mount option on /data! Hooray forever!

Samsung Suspends Vibrant 2.2 Upgrade

Ever since the Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant) was updated to 2.2, users have been complaining about battery drain ultimately making their phone useless. Samsung has just released an official statement on its Facebook page stating that because of the issues, they will be temporarily suspending the update's availability on Samsung Kies.

Android 2.2.1 XXJPU ROM for Galaxy S Leaked [One Fabulous Froyo Build]

Said to be super fast, lag free, and marked Android 2.2.1 i9000XXJPU, this could very well be the Froyo build you've always wanted for your Galaxy S. This build fixes many issues complained about in Froyo for Galaxy S, punching lag right in the face as well as a list of other items. Delivered by none other than the friendly folks over at XDA Developers Forum.

Samsung Vibrant and Samsung Galaxy Tab Prices Slashed Down

T-Mobile has a treat in store for you lovers of the Samsung Vibrant and Galaxy Tab - provided you don't already own one, of course. Prices SLASHED down just so long as you get a two-year agreement to go with. Samsung Galaxy Tab, once $399.99 (with 2-year agreement) is now $349.99 after $50 mail-in-rebate. Samsung Vibrant, originally $199.99 (w/2-year agreement), is reduced down to $149.99 after a $50 MIB. Super sales, super duper!

White Samsung Galaxy S Arrives in Germany

It's been just over a month since the white Galaxy S from Samsung landed in the United Kingdom, and now it looks like those in Germany who wished hard enough to get their own version can sigh a sigh of relief. Samsung has just revealed that the device has just been launched in that region. It's available from Samsung directly, or you can purchase the device from Amazon Germany, unlocked, and for a cheaper price tag.

Tron Legacy Theme Outlines Your Galaxy S [VIDEO]

So you've had your TRON themes in the past, yes, perhaps a moving background into circle or three, lovely things like that. How would you like to cover your entire Galaxy S in black and bright green lines? How would you like to to it using CyanogenMod? Let's take a look right here at this thang offered up by user Akatsukinew23, shall we?
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