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Samsung Says They’re NOT Charging Carriers for Froyo Android Update

If you'll take a look back at this post: Galaxy S No-Froyo Explained by Samsung Update Fees? you'll know what the heck is going on here. In reply to that post, a post in which an unnamed fellow posting anonymously in hopes of not being identified let loose a torrent of possible facts about Samsung, including the idea that they're charging carriers for pushing Android updates, Samsung says no way!

Giorgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S gets the Hands-On Treatment

We have heard a bit about the exclusive Samsung Giorgio Armani Galaxy S device, and now we’re being treated to a hands-on courtesy of pocket-lint. Only 800 of the Armani-branded devices will ship, making this a very exclusive device. In fact, if you’re interested in picking up this device, you will have to go to one of only 100 stores in the UK that are actually stocking the device - so you might want to hurry before they are sold out. The device itself is the Galaxy S i9010 and has a few cosmetic changes. Among them is the obvious Giorgio Armani branding above the screen, spruced up waffle-like design on the back plate, and is done in metal as opposed to plastic like the original device. The device’s design is near identical to the Samsung Captivate, which may be commonplace in the US, but in the UK it’s an entirely new design. Shipping for just under £50 as long as you sign up for a contract, the Samsung Armani Galaxy S is truly an impressive device and worth considering. [Via Pocket-Lint]

B—- I Got an Android [NSFW]

It's Monday and what better way to start off a busy work week than with a little rap about our favorite operating system? NOTE: This is extremely NSFW, and so bad it's hilarious.

Samsung Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Suit Images Leaked

Take a peek here at a couple of production-quality images of some new Samsung Galaxy images, one of what's being called X5830 (the Ace) and another that's called S5670 (the Suit). This first one, Samsung Galaxy Ace, if the numbers are right, would be the same phone as this phone: [Froyo Candybar Phone] whose images leaked a few days ago. The other device, the Suit, appears to be a slightly lower-end phone and might deserve a bit less attention.

Galaxy S No-Froyo Explained by Samsung Update Fees?

So you're following along with the epic story of how Galaxy S devices across the board still don't have their long-awaited update to Android 2.2 Froyo, yes? Well take a peek at this - a supposed Samsung inside has come forth (in XDA forums) to say that the reason for the stopping of updates pushing through from Samsung to carriers is the fact that Samsung is charging for Android updates as feature updates - and that carriers are responding to the costs by refusing to pay for Android 2.2, hoping to devalue the Galaxy S line.

SIM Unlock Your Galaxy S With One Application

Unlocking is a process wanted by many and dreaded by most. Luckily we have helroz, from XDA, who has developed an application that will unlock your device for you in just a few easy steps that do not require extensive coding. The application will work with Galaxy S devices that shipped with Android 2.1 and has been throughly tested and confirmed working with these phones. In order to run the app, you will need to be both rooted with BusyBox and have an active internet connection. The process is simple, you just follow the 3 step process and watch as the phone will automatically unlock itself. If you would like detailed instructions as well as support check out the XDA Application Thread. [Via XDA]

Froyo Source for Samsung Fascinate 3G+ on Telus Released

Hooray for Froyo, Froyo for everyone! You can now have yourself a bit of the ol' frozen yogurt on your Samsung Fascinate 3G+, courtesy of Samsung's Open Source Release Center. You know what this means? Froyo ROMs for Galaxy S phones for everyone, everyone in the world! Yay and joyous day.

Samsung Vibrant 4G Leaked Via T-Mobile Spec Sheet

Check it out, TmoNews has a sheet clicked showing the Samsung Vibrant 4G [aka Vibrant Plus]- and it appears to be T-Mobile's first 4G phone that'll give 21+ Mbps speeds! Not only that, it'll be exclusive to T-Mobile, had a front facing camera for video chat via Qik, and it'll be running on - drumroll please... Android 2.2 Froyo! That's a Galaxy S feat and a half! It's got a 4" Super AMOLED Touch Screen, 1GHz processor, 16 GB memory expandable to 32 GB, and a 5 Megapixel camera on the back capable of 720p HD video capture.

Samsung Aims at 60 Million in 2011, Will Reveal New Galaxy S at WMC

Sixty million what, you may ask? Sixty million smartphones, of course. Seem like a large number to you? It is. This year they sold right around one third of that, Shin Jong-kyun, the head of Samsung’s mobile business division saying the following: "I think we did better than our previous goal of selling 270 million mobile phones in 2010. The 20 million smartphones sold gives us a foundation to build on in the premium segment too." He told this to Korea Times on the sidelines of CES 2011. He went on to note that they'll aim at strengthening their positions in regions such as Southeast Asia, China, and Central and South Ameria.
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