Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S Glide QWERTY Slider with a dual-core heads to Rogers

I know there is still a huge market for QWERTY slider smartphones these days, and for someone waiting for a powerhouse slider this may be exactly what you've been waiting for. Sadly for now this is only known to be headed to Rogers Canada but it sounds impressive and we have all the details. It may not be named a Galaxy S "II" but don't let that fool you.

Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch kernel source up now

Hackers and modders of codes galore rejoice, the kernel code for Samsung's WiMAX Galaxy S II is already out there, and it's official! Samsung has released the source kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch and yes, it is shorter than the title suggests. Users can download and modify this source code how they wish, making changes here and there to blast their device off into outer space or to burn it up by tweaking it utterly horribly. Whatever your poison, your time is now.

Samsung Unpacked Event at IFA 2011 Trailer 2 Revealed [Video]

The big event in Berlin is soon approaching, IFA 2011 for all your tech desires - and Samsung is gonna be there with something big! What we've seen so far is one leaked trailer for this "Unpacked II" event, it inspiring quite a few guesses surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S II and what new version this Unpacked might reveal. Of course there's no guarantee that we know what they'll be revealing at all at the moment, especially since this Unpacked doesn't have quite as obvious a tagline as the one we attended at CTIA 2011 which was "What's your Tab Life?"

Samsung Galaxy R Officially Announced

It's time to get funky in the next Galaxy. We've got word directly from Samsung that this device, a device we've spoken about once with a few specifications without an official confirmation of its launch, then a lovely leaked intro video as played from the device itself. Now the full release is live! This device is the smaller brother of the Samsung Galaxy S II and it shows! Without a doubt inspired greatly by the original design (be it the Galaxy S II, the Infuse 4G, or perhaps even the Galaxy R itself,) Samsung has been thinking pretty hard about putting out a collection of devices that looks very similar but has better specs in certain places that make them all unique.

Galaxy S Skin Flexible AMOLED Screen Concept Revealed

Before we go too far into this experiment in awesomeness, you should know that the following set of images are for a design experiment, a conceptual work made by an industrial designer wishing to explore the possibilities and current impossibilities of the way smartphones and their super amazing super AMOLED displays are able to work. This is of course therefor a Samsung Device, running with the Galaxy name, named here the Galaxy S Skin or just the Galaxy Skin, bending in all directions to give you an experience like none other.

Samsung Galaxy 3D Coming Q4 2011?

Latest rumors are suggesting that Samsung is hard at work building a Galaxy 3D to compete with the likes of the HTC EVO 3D and the LG Optimus 3D. I linked to the reviews of both in case you wanted to check those out. News is coming from Samsung's own backyard and a Korean site is claiming they have a Galaxy 3D on the way.

Gingerbread Promised for Galaxy Devices by End of May

Samsung's sent out an update for all you owners of basically every Galaxy device under the sun promising no less than Android 2.3 Gingerbread before the end of this month. The update comes officially at the end of yesterday, those of you living in the UK and other Nordic countries having the best luck will be seeing this update first. From there, starting in mid-May (now,) the rest of the world will see such lovely treats: Euro markets, North America, Southeast Asia, Middle East Asia, Africa, and the rest. This update will be rolling out via Kies. This release solidifies months of whispers of similar such reports on the same cookie.

Samsung Galaxy SII Gorilla Glass Confirmed

It's been confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S II has been designed with Gorilla Glass, that super bendable, and hard to scratch, thin layer of glass which makes a screen extremely durable to every day abuse. The Galaxy S also had Gorilla Glass, so it isn't really all that big of news. But since the Galaxy S II is super thin, there was some question as to if Gorilla Glass was part of the design or not. Now we know.
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