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Samsung Galaxy S III AT&T and T-Mobile Review

In the Samsung Galaxy S III we've got the best-selling smartphone line returning with a surprisingly reserved attack on our senses. That's not necessarily a bad thing. It appears as if Samsung has taken what they've sewn in the Galaxy S and the Galaxy S II (and every Galaxy in-between) and has created a device that's not taking a whole lot of risks, but instead is precision tuned beyond any of the manufacturer's past devices. What we'll be doing today in this review of the AT&T and T-Mobile versions of the Galaxy S III is looking at how the two different versions compare and at what it will mean to have two friends or associates using the devices together - in other words, we're going to see how well they share with one another.

Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab may get “Value Pack” instead of ICS

After considerable backlash from owners and press alike over their decision to forgo Android 4.0 upgrades for the various Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab models, Samsung announced yesterday that they were considering alternatives in order to get Ice Cream Sandwich to customers. At least one option was disabling certain features, possibly including Samsung's custom skin TouchWiz. Today Korean website Daum reports that Samsung may be following another path, in the form of a smaller "Value Pack" software update.

Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S won’t get ICS updates, sky continues to be blue

Considering how hard it is to get Android manufacturers to update nearly new phones to the latest official software version, it should be no surprise that Samsung has declined to upgrade the Galaxy S line of smartphones and the original Galaxy Tab to Ice Cream Sandwich. The company confirmed the news on its Samsung Tomorrow (translated) blog, disappointing many and surprising few. If you can read Korean or make sense of the Google translation, it looks like TouchWiz is a primary culprit.

Samsung Galaxy S gets Android 2.3.5 update in Europe

If you are a Samsung Galaxy S user that has felt left out when it comes to Gingerbread, your update is coming. At least that update is coming in Europe. That update should be available now or very shortly for users of the Galaxy S in Europe via KIES. It's been a whole since we talked about that Galaxy S smartphone, we reviewed it way back in March of this year.

Samsung Galaxy S gets a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich via SDK port

I always love seeing what dedicated Android modders can do with new software and old hardware. the latest phone to get the Ice Cream Sandwich SDK port treatment is none other than the original Samsung Galaxy S - no II, no HD, no LTE, no X, just the S. It shouldn't be that much of a surprise, since the Nexus S shares a lot of the same hardware, and it saw Ice Cream Sandwich almost immediately after the SDK was released.

Samsung beats Apple with 28 million smartphones shipped in Q3

Deck the halls, break out the traditional holiday doughnuts and throw another TPS report on the fire, it's quarterly earnings call season. Samsung certainly has reason to celebrate: in the last three months they've shipped 28 million smartphones worldwide, taking the #1 spot away from Apple. Samsung doesn't use Android exclusively for their smartphone hardware, but needless to say, it plays a big part in their worldwide strategy.

Samsung Electronics moves 30 million Galaxy S and S II smartphones globally

We all know that the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone has been popular in every region that device has been launched in. It may surprise you just how popular the S II has been though. Try this little factoid on for size, the Galaxy S and S II have racked up total combined sales of 30 million units globally. The S II is the flagship smartphone from Samsung and sales continue to grow.
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