Galaxy S Wi-Fi Player

Samsung Galaxy Wi-Fi 5-inch and 3.6-inch confirmed for the UK

If you're not into the whole "smartphone" scene but still want a media player with more brains than you can shake an iPod Touch at, you're in luck (at least if you live in the United Kingdom). Samsung has officially announced the new Galaxy Wi-Fi in that market, an Android-based PMP cousin to the Galaxy line of phones and tablets. A 5-inch version is on sale now, while a smaller 3.65-inch version will make its way to retailers soon.

Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 3.6″ Player Announced

More news from Samsung today folks. As if we haven't talked about them all week anyways, but we are now hearing they've also just announced the Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi Music Player. You might be thinking don't they already have a Galaxy S Player in 4 and 5" sizes? Yup, and details on those are right here. Apparently they are now bringing a 3.6" Galaxy S Player to market too.