Galaxy S III

Samsung posts Galaxy S III stress test video

Ever wonder what type of process smartphone manufacturers go through to make sure their devices will stand up to the test of time, or the elements we all put them through? We've seen these before but today SamsungTomorrow has posted a brand new video showing us the Galaxy S III and Note II getting put through the paces. The video isn't in English but still fun to watch them click the home button 20 thousand times.

Multi-view likely coming to Galaxy S III before the end of the year

It looks like Samsung is going to launch another update for the Galaxy S III sometime during December. Only recently, Samsung rolled out version 4.1.1 for the device, and they are already prepping version 4.1.2, according to SamMobile. This new version will add a feature that's already included on the Galaxy Note II called multi-view.

Samsung: Galaxy S III Jelly Bean “coming soon” to the US

We've heard quite a bit of talk from the folks at Samsung regarding the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for their highly popular Galaxy S III smartphone. For those outside of the US the wait wasn't so bad with them stating in late August it was coming soon, then it arrived in September for many in Europe. Today however we're hearing the words "coming soon" only this time in regards to the US models.