Galaxy S III

Chitika: Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 web traffic nearing a 50/50 split

At this point most realize that Android and iOS are the dominant players in the mobile world. Looking at bit more specific and in terms of Android and popularity, we are often talking about Samsung. And not only Samsung, but the Galaxy S III. In this case, Chitika, the online advertising network recently took a closer look at the amount of web traffic that was being generated between the Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5.

T-Mobile details latest Galaxy S III and Galaxy S II software updates

T-Mobile has detailed the latest software updates for the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy S II smartphones. Neither of the updates are what we would consider major, but that said, it is still nice to see them both getting some attention from the carrier. The Galaxy S III update is pretty straight forward, however those with a T-Mobile Galaxy S II may not necessarily have an update ready just yet.

Samsung’s 2013 La Fleur smartphone collection unveiled

Samsung has officially unveiled the 2013 edition La Fleur smartphone collection. The collection will include the Galaxy S III Mini, Galaxy Ace 2, Galaxy S DUOS and the Galaxy Ace DUOS as well as the Galaxy S III in both white and red. Samsung has yet to comment in terms of a global release schedule, however we do know they will be arriving in Russia.

Android 4.1.1 update now available OTA for AT&T Galaxy S III users

AT&T originally released the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S III back in December. Unfortunately, at that time the update was only available using Kies. And well, it looks like that has since changed and new reports are showing the update as now coming over-the-air. Simply put, if you have an AT&T Galaxy S III you can now get Jelly Bean without having to attach your handset to a PC.
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