Galaxy S III

Samsung GALAXY S 4 Active with rugged design appears headed towards AT&T

Details of a rugged version of the GALAXY S 4 have leaked in the past and while we have yet to see an official announcement from Samsung, it is now looking like the device will be coming to AT&T. This latest round of leaked details hasn't included a possible release time frame with AT&T, but it was said the GALAXY S 4 Active will be carrying the model number of SGH-I537. The previous leaks suggested the Active would be arriving in July.

Monster Watts reveals Samsung Galaxy wireless charging setup

A company by the name of Monster Watts has recently introduced a new wireless charging option for a select few Samsung Galaxy branded handsets. The wireless charger is dubbed the WiQiQi Wireless Charger Kit and it will be compatible with the GALAXY S 4, Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II. The pricing will vary depending on the particular handset, however the real perk here is that you will not need a replacement back cover.

Galaxy S III drops to $99.99 with Verizon Wireless

Price cuts are not a new concept. We often see price cuts arrive for existing models shortly before a new model is released. In this case we happen to be referring to the Galaxy S III, of which we are now waiting for the GALAXY S 4 to be released. Before we get ahead of ourselves though, the carriers seem to be lowering the price of the Galaxy S III.

Samsung Galaxy S III price slashed as the GS 4 looms

During all the crazy activities we know and love (or hate) that are April Fools' Day many missed the fact that AT&T dropped the price of their Galaxy S III smartphone. Yesterday AT&T slashed the price of the GS III as we all wait for the new flagship GALAXY S 4 to arrive. This makes it an even better deal than before, and you'll certainly want to check it out.

Purple Samsung Galaxy S III may be heading our way

The Samsung Galaxy S III may soon be receiving a new color option, and not the color people have been asking for. This news comes from EVLeaks, who has been a great and reliable source for leaks in the past. The color will be called "Royal Purple" and it should be making its way to the United States come mid-April. But not only is it a strange color, the release comes just a couple of weeks before the Samsung Galaxy S IV rolls out to the market.

Samsung Galaxy S III sales top 50 million

While the hype has certainly been focused on the GALAXY S 4, we have to remember that Samsung still has other devices. Notable for some, the Galaxy S III. Not to mention, numerous other Galaxy branded devices. Shifting away from talk of the GALAXY S 4 for a moment and it looks like Samsung has revealed some details in terms of Galaxy S III sales numbers.

Samsung GALAXY S 4 vs GALAXY S III: What’s new?

Samsung has shared their new smartphone and all its software aspirations with the world, and this is the first thing that came to mind. Yup, you knew this was coming now that the quite similar Samsung GALAXY S 4 has been announced and shares some resemblance to the older and smaller brother. While the look and feel is largely unchanged, the hardware under the hood and software under the skin is what's new. Lets take a look.
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