Galaxy S III

Verizon Galaxy S III stock firmware image released

Verizon's version of the new flagship Galaxy S III smartphone is starting to slowly reach the hands of consumers this past week, with pre-order shipments finally arriving for a lucky few. Today we have some good news in the form of a stock firmware image of Verizon's model. This means all you hackers can go to town and feel safe knowing you can easily get back to stock.

Android Community Weekly: June 24th, 2012

This week was all about the Galaxy S III here in the US. T-Mobile and AT&T both unleashed the flagship smartphone into the wild, although only in limited supply, and the masses can now enjoy Samsung's latest creation. Next week however will be all about Google I/O. By the end of next week we'll hopefully be talking about Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and beyond.

AT&T confirms Galaxy S III pre-orders should arrive by June 25

Samsung's much anticipated Galaxy S III flagship smartphone is finally arriving here in the US. Sadly the launch and initial push isn't as simultaneous as they had hoped. After multiple reports from almost all carriers came out stating “manufacturer supply constraints” including AT&T, today they've confirmed many should be arriving today, and more on June 25th.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III available today – sort of

Today is finally the day. The Samsung Galaxy S III has arrived stateside and those on the T-Mobile network can run to your nearest store and pick up the new flagship device, or it should be arriving in the mail shortly. Sadly Samsung appears to be having a bit of a product vs demand issue and almost all carriers are having to make adjustments, and T-Mobile is one of them.