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Samsung Galaxy S II Update KE7 Benchmarks

Lets talk about the raw, unbridled power inside a phone from Samsung. This update comes in the form of Update KE7. I'm speaking of course of the Galaxy S II, a device we've got on hand for massive testing of the benchmark variety. What you're about to see are a few tests done on the Samsung Galaxy S II in its completely NOT overclocked state. You'll see both Quadrant Advanced and Smartbench 2011 hitting numbers over 4000. You'll see comparisons with older tests of overclocked and non-overclocked results on this device as well as on a couple other devices. Welcome back to the Thunderdome!

AT&T Upload speeds and caps, who is to blame?

AT&T has been in an ongoing battle with users and blogs over the upload speeds on recent android phones. Who do we blame for it AT&T,, or Both? You might remember all the talk the Atrix 4G got when it launched as a 4G phone, then users all learned 4G upload speeds were currently disabled. AT&T even responded to the complaints. We have done a little digging and have some interesting results regarding AT&T, and for you all to enjoy below.

Samsung Galaxy S II Built-in screen capture, no root required

For a while now most android phones could only capture what was on-screen using different tools, or applications and many required root access first. Apps like drocap, shootme, or Screenshot ER. Lately the outcry for this to be a stock feature has been answered by a few OEM's. First the LG Optimus and G2x got it, read about that here. Then we recently discovered it was also on the Droid Charge as well. We now can tell you the Samsung Galaxy S II also has a stock built-in screen capture feature.

Samsung Galaxy S II dual-core overclock destroys benchmarks at 1.5 Ghz [video]

It looks like that shiny new and what I'd call extremely thin powerhouse of an android phone you just bought is ready to have some fun. Yes I'm talking about that dual-core Samsung Galaxy S II we have heard plenty about recently. Some of those fancy developers at XDA we are always talking about in the android community have done it again, and already overclocked the SGS II to 1.5 Ghz and that is just the start.

Galaxy S II vs Qualcomm MDP vs G2x Dual-Core Battle of Quadrant Benchmark Doom

Behold a simple test of wills. A test of benchmarking, a test of numbers adding up to one simple factoid - which device is best at taking the test? We've got three massively powerful devices here, one with bigger GHz than the last. The Samsung Galaxy S II has, prepare yourself for all these letters an numbers: a 1.2 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 SoC processor; Samsung Exynos (GT-i9100). The Qualcomm MDP rolls out with Qualcomm's dual-core MSM8660 running at up to 1.5GHz (with an Adreno 220 GPU, for fun!) Finally, the T-Mobile G2x has the lovely NVIDIA Tegra 2 1GHz Dual-core processor. How in the world can each of these titans be asked to come soundly to a fight, a fight that pits all against one another?

Samsung Galaxy S II at 3 MILLION Pre-Orders

Sunday night revealed itself as a moment in history for Samsung - one where they revealed their newest flagship, the Galaxy S II to have achieved 3 MILLION pre-orders. That's a lot. That's a whole heck of a lot. That's worldwide pre-orders, and this is yesterday, Sunday, the 8th of May when the phone went on sale officially in Korea. This number is expected to up as the phone reaches a global reach, eventually going on sale in 120 countries. Wild and crazy! Best phone ever!

Samsung Galaxy S II vs Infuse 4G Quadrant Benchmark Pummeling

I know there's a mob of citizens out there saying that these benchmarking tests are bad and unreliable and can be fixed to win and etc, etc, but I'm not going to start every single post with this warning - in fact, hold me to this - this is the last time I post this warning. If you don't like benchmarks, don't read benchmarks, and sit on it, Potsie. That said, we've been going through the guts of both the Samsung Infuse 4G and the Samsung Galaxy S II (the Euro version still since the USA version isn't exactly ready for the world yet.) What we're finding is that at first glance they seem pretty similar in their cosmetics. Upon closer inspection, they're COMPLETELY DIFFERENT - and in no small way, let me tell you that.

Samsung Galaxy S II Coming Today? FCC Says Possibly

The next generation of the best selling Android phone in history is about to break out in the USA - having been selling like the hottest hotcakes over in the UK. There's an event today that we've been invited to by both Samsung and AT&T - this coincides with an FCC filing and approval that's showing up today, one that clearly points to the Galaxy S II. Could it be? Could the USA be getting the superhero phone this week?

Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone sells like crazy in first three days

The Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone is a cool device that many Android fans were looking forward to getting their hands on. We have known the full specs of the smartphone for a while now. The smartphone officially launched on April 28. The company sold a bunch of the smartphones in South Korea the first few days the device was available. The phone sales were so strong that more moved in the first few days that the original Galaxy S.
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