galaxy S II

Keep Watch For the Next Generation Galaxy S

We have a little surprise for everyone this early evening. We have a super secret box that just arrived with nothing other than "Samsung" plastered across the front. After doing a bit of snooping and finally opening it we were greeted with following sentence. "Keep Watch For The Next Generation Galaxy S" and our man Vincent got super excited to see what was hiding in the box. Have any guesses guys?

Samsung Within Passes FCC with 4G WiMax

For a while everyone was starting to get a little worried as to whether we would be seeing the Samsung Galaxy S II hit the U.S. but this week it has plastered the news. It's safe to say most carriers will have it here by the end of August or so. Not only will the SGSII come in white but it has now leaked with WiMax on board as well as a version for AT&T and Verizon this week.

Samsung Galaxy S II Finally Receives CyanogenMod

Who wants some Bacon! The Samsung Galaxy S II now has CyanogenMod 7. The first nightly has finally hit the download mirrors and is available now. Back in June Samsung sent a few lucky developers of CM the super phone Galaxy S II and basically invited them to hack it up and get CM7 running on it. The team did just that and as a result we all benefit.

Leaked Handset Roadmap Includes Epic 2, Possible Galaxy S II for US Market

We've got wind of a leaked roadmap of CDMA devices for the handset market here in the USA, and a couple of them are rather high-class Android devices we're SURE you're going to want to hear about. Both of them are said to be coming out in the third quarter - this version being July through September - and will include two new versions of older very successful models. The first is the Samsung Epic 2. Everyone knows the cool sweetness of the original - this one's going to be ever so slightly better in just a couple o' ways. Then there's a "full touch 4G" device, whatever that means, coming from Samsung. Can you guess what it might be?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Coming this Fall, but with Gingerbread

Our friends at Crunchgear are reporting what sounds like the next Galaxy Tab 7" that will replace the original Samsung Galaxy Tab. We aren't sure exactly what to call it, but with the current lineup I'd assume they'll just call it the Galaxy Tab 7". From what we are reading this may be good news, or bad but it looks like it will basically be a giant Galaxy S II and that isn't really a bad thing if you look at the specs.
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