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2011 Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Naming Scheme Goes Live

It appears that the Samsung "Galaxy" line of Android smartphones has just received a whole new set of names, all the way from the top to the bottom. Right up at the top is a name we're all very familiar with, the Galaxy S, this being the group's Flagship device name. Next there's R for Royal, this device being Samsung's "Premium" device. W for Wonder comes next as a High-Tier device. After W there's M for Magical, this device being the first in this new line to have a full QWERTY keyboard, four Android menu buttons and a joystick - very familiar in the smartphone world but generally new for Samsung. Finally there's Y for Young, this being the Entry-Level Galaxy device.

Samsung Galaxy S II Banned in Europe by Apple Injunction

In a manner extremely similar to what we saw just about a week ago (then quickly limited in scope), Apple has successfully worked with Dutch courts in The Hague to, starting today, issue a preliminary injunction against three Samsung devices: the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Ace, and Galaxy S. This injunction, just like the last, due to EU law, bans the devices from sale across the entire European Union. This injunction does not include the Galaxy Tab 10.1, though with a case going on in Germany at the same time, Apple may be choosing case locations where they'll be most effective.

Samsung Epic Touch 4G Coming September 9th?

Some new sources are now claiming we will see the Samsung Epic Touch 4G hit the market over on the now network in yellow as soon as September 9th. The Epic Touch 4G will be the Samsung Galaxy S II for the WiMax carrier and the 4G in the name is a pretty good indication it will have those fast speeds to go along with it. We first heard about the Epic Touch 4G a few weeks ago and now it might only be a few more weeks wait til we actually see it hit the shelves.

Samsung Galaxy S II Upgrade Teased for IFA 2011 [Update: VIDEO]

We've gotten our first peek at what may well be the next generation Samsung Galaxy S II, or at least the idea of it, in a short 30 second teaser trailer for IFA 2011. This trailer is at the moment no longer available for public viewing (and will probably remain this way until we get a bit closer to the actual Berlin event,) but based on what we've seen, IFA 2011 is sure to have an "Unpacked" event that'll reveal some sort of newness in the smartphone-holding hands of citizens in the form of bright lights. This advertisement took the form of the handheld torches sort of look we've been treated to in the past when the Galaxy S II was first teased, this new ad revealing not just a whole heck of a lot of additional info on the subject.

Samsung Galaxy S II LTE rears shiny head in Korea with Celox codename

A new rumor has popped up surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S II that hails from South Korea. Apparently, the image you see here is the LTE version of the smartphone and it is said to be going by the codename Celox. Along with the photos, we also have some specs for the smartphone to peruse as well. It is said to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060 processor.

Samsung Galaxy S II Backlight Notifications Mod

Anyone that has recently went from another manufacturer like HTC to a Samsung device quickly realized they didn't have a notification LED of any sort. While this may not be important to some, many that are use to the feature end up missing it. I know when I got my G2x I wished I had the notification like like the myTouch 4G, Nexus One, G1 and many others did. Today I have the Samsung BLN Mod for you all.

Samsung Stratosphere Headed to Verizon?

With a name like the Stratosphere we can only assume this thing is reaching for the top, or the clouds I should say. It appears Verizon made a support page for the upcoming Samsung Stratosphere and then quickly removed it. It's worth noting many other Verizon handsets all have similar pages so this could prove to be the name of a new phone or the rumored Samsung Galaxy S II 4G LTE phone.
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