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T-Mobile prepping stores for a busy “All Hands Day” September 24th

We have heard a few rumors but are now seeing what seems to be a internal document floating around emails at T-Mobile aimed and gearing up the staff for an upcoming event. Details are a bit light still but we are now seeing similar reports to what we original heard rumors about, those are that T-Mobile has some big plans coming later in September, specifically September 24th.

Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch Hands-On Special Edition with Philip Berne [Video]

It's always an great day when you run into Philip Berne, Samsung Telecommunications Marketing Manager, Technical Media, and columnist for our sister site SlashGear - this week we asked him to give us a special edition rundown of what we should expect from the Epic 4G Touch version of the Galaxy S II USA launch, and he of course gratefully provided us with nothing less than a super classy look at the device. You may remember our look at the international version of the Galaxy S II back at CTIA 2011 with Philip Berne as well - an internationally known set of videos that gave many their first look at one of the best selling Android devices in history. Join us for a cool hands-on demo video straight from the pro.

Samsung Galaxy S II AT&T Featured Apps App Hands-On [Video]

Beyond what we've seen thus far in what new apps we'll be getting to see on these USA versions of the Galaxy S II, there are a sparse (and perhaps thankfully sparse) few additional new apps to behold on each of the devices. One app that we're refreshingly GLAD to see added to the lineup comes on AT&T's version of the Galaxy S II, an app called "Featured Apps", it being an extremely simple system for AT&T to be showing off applications that it suggests specifically to the device it's featured on, thereby helping the (perhaps new) owner with finding out with what their device is capable of.

Samsung Galaxy S II USA Accessories Rundown [Video]

The kind folks at Samsung invited us this week to New York City where we were treated to full-fledged reveal of not one, but three new Galaxy S II devices PLUS some docking accessories for those devices to work with. What we've got now is a closer look at what those docks are and what they can do. You'll find that each of these docks is very simple and straightforward AND you can get them in any color so long as it's black.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II 4G and Accessory Dock Hands-on

T-Mobile was also at the Galaxy S II party today, they didn't wanna miss out on the dual-core fun and they had their own beautiful phone to show the world. I personally like the T-Mobile SGSII the most with the slightly rounded edges, it just has a great design in my opinion. It was announced by T-Mobile right as the event was starting to day in NYC and you can read all about that here.

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Hands-on

AT&T also has their own Galaxy S II to show off today and we were able to snatch a few photos and a quick video before they threw it back under the glass. I've wrote Galaxy S II so much today I think I'll just say SGSII from here on out. So, AT&T will be launching the SGSII come September 18th and be just a few days behind the others, but don't worry it will be yours with a new 2-year contract for only $199.

Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch Hands-On

In case anyone missed it, today was Samsung day and they've officially announced the Samsung Galaxy S II Smartphone is headed to all three major US carriers with the exception of Verizon (they have bigger plans so I'm told). We were live at the NYC Samsung event getting all the juicy details. For the official announcement of the Epic 4G Touch click here. The WiMAX version will be available starting September 16th for the low price of just $199. We have pictures and videos below.
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