Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch

Skype updates for video calling on Samsung GSII Epic 4G Touch

Better late than never, right? the latest update to the Skype app was posted to the Android Market yesterday, bringing a slightly updated calling UI and some basic bug fixes. And one more thing: video calling finally works on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch, one of the many Galaxy S II variants for the US market. The update comes out more than five months after the original launch of the phone back in  September. The addition of the (deep breath) Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch to the list of supported devices for video calling is the only major addition in this version of Skype.

Samsung introduces white Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch

It seems like everyone is getting a pale re-release of Samsung's flagship, and now The Now Network has joined the party. The Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (pause for breath) will get a Frost White version, to compliment the more sober black model on sale now. Just like the current SGSIIE4GT, it'll go for $199.99 with a new service agreement, and presumably the same $499.99 price off-contract. You can pick one up starting on Sunday, January 8th.