Galaxy S 4

Google Wallet for the Verizon GALAXY S 4

Verizon users haven't really been able to use Google Wallet on their devices. Verizon opted to go with ISIS for mobile payments and despite seeing frequent complaints from users, that doesn't appear like it will be changing any time soon. Basically, Verizon Wireless users have been blocked from using Google Wallet. That would be the standard rule here, however there is the option to run Google Wallet if you are willing to do a bit of work to make it happen.

GALAXY S 4 Active and Zoom specs leak ahead of June 20 event

We previously heard details about Samsung's June 20th event. This is the 'Samsung Premiere 2013' event and earlier reports were suggesting the GALAXY S 4 Mini would be announced. As of today though, it is looking like two other GALAXY S 4 devices are going to join the Mini. Those others are the Active and the Zoom and in addition to word of a June 20th announcement -- the specs for both devices have since leaked.

GALAXY S 4 Mini confirmed on Samsung website

Samsung seems to have confirmed the GALAXY S 4 Mini. The handset has been revealed on the official Samsung website earlier this morning. Samsung quickly pulled the details back, but there were some screen captures grabbed before that happened. Basically, it looks like Samsung may have spoiled part of the surprise from the upcoming Premiere 2013 event they have scheduled for June 20.

AT&T launching the Aurora Red GALAXY S 4 in mid-June

Samsung confirmed four additional GALAXY S 4 colors earlier this morning and it looks like one of those new colors will soon be launching with AT&T. The carrier will be launching the GALAXY S 4 in Aurora Red and pre-orders are set to begin this week. According to details coming from AT&T, pre-orders for the Aurora Red GALAXY S 4 will begin on Friday May 24th.

Samsung says it will look into compacting Galaxy S 4 software bloat

Earlier this month we talked a bit about Samsung and the fact that it had raised the ire of some owners of the Galaxy S 4 and a BBC television program in the UK called Watchdog. The problem is that if you purchase a 16 GB Galaxy S 4 smartphone, you end up with about half of that promised storage space available to you as soon as you open the box. The reason is a huge amount of software that comes preinstalled on the smartphone.
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