Galaxy Nexus

Verizon Galaxy Nexus desktop dock available from Samsung

Since Google and Samsung first announced the Galaxy Nexus we have been waiting for some official accessories from Samsung themselves, especially for the Verizon LTE model. Thanks to a watchful eye it appears is all set and has recently started shipping the desktop dock for the Galaxy Nexus. Looking at the compatibility list the Verizon model is clearly listed.

White Samsung Galaxy Nexus now shipping from online retailers

We've known a white Galaxy Nexus was coming for some time now, and saw countless leaks of the snow white edition but it can finally be all yours starting today. Earlier this week the white edition was officially announced and set to be available February 13th but a few online retailers have started shipping early.

Tony Hawk teases possible T-Mobile Galaxy Nexus

There is no denying T-Mobile customers would love Galaxy Nexus from the carrier although many are using the GSM unlocked version at this time. T-Mobile hasn't announced anything regarding a possible T-Mobile Galaxy Nexus but a recent twitter post by their good friend and pro skater Tony Hawk might have revealed their plans. Posting a picture on twitter with the Galaxy Nexus and the words "I love T-Mobile".

Samsung Galaxy Nexus in White official: Coming February 13

We knew it was coming but today Samsung made it official. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus in white is real, and coming soon. It will be available starting on February 13th and will be identical to the regular model -- only white as snow. Sadly it being available so late it has missed the snow for many markets, but then that depends on where you live.

Android 4.0.5 for Galaxy Nexus gets teased by SFR

After the update to Android 4.0.4 was just leaked for both the Galaxy Nexus and even the Nexus S this past week, we are now hearing rumors regarding the Android 4.0.5 update for both devices. According to a new roadmap leaked by France's SFR we are now seeing a full list of when they expect updates to hit -- and for what devices.
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