Galaxy Nexus

Netflix updated with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich support

Just in time for everyone in the US to start receiving their Galaxy Nexus phones running ICS, Netflix has updated today with full support for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The update has just hit the Android Market and it only shows a few small bug fixes and ICS support. This is just in time because I'm sure many are picking their Nexus up at this very moment.

Verizon Galaxy Nexus OTA update details — Google releases factory image

The day is here and Verizon has released the Galaxy Nexus -- finally! Everyone that ran out and bought one should be receiving an over the air (OTA) automatic software update almost out of the box. Verizon has provided full update details and the information is available below for those interested in the little update that probably is also the cause of our delays. We also have the factory image for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus available today thanks to Google.

Verizon Galaxy Nexus LTE Hands-on and Unboxing

When it comes down to Android running on a smartphone, there's a collection of devices out there that bring you a "Pure Google" experience, developed between the manufacturer and Google specifically to bring you the best experience you're going to get with each main version of their operating system - the Galaxy Nexus is next in line in this family line, and here in the Verizon version we get our first official USA glimpse of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The first version of this device was released a few weeks ago internationally, this version just dropping today at Verizon with 4G LTE capabilities and a couple tiny modifications to the operating system in the form of apps placed there by Verizon. In our first look here, we'll explore how the device feels to handle, some initial benchmarks, and some photo and video examples so you can see if you'll truly want to be running down to your local Verizon store to snatch one up.

Galaxy Nexus LTE on sale at Verizon

Verizon's Galaxy Nexus by Samsung is now on sale through the carrier's website, with the LTE 4G version of the Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone priced at $299.99 with a new, two-year agreement. The unsubsidized price is $649.99. Announced officially yesterday, the smartphone is the first to officially run Android 4.0. That makes a big difference in usability, with Ice Cream Sandwich pulling together elements from Gingerbread and Honeycomb to make Android feel more consistent and improve things like multitasking. More details in the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus review over at SlashGear. Verizon brick & mortar stores will be offering the Galaxy Nexus LTE from this morning, and we know plenty of you are preparing to head down and pick up this third Nexus device. Let us know in the comments if you're going to grab a new Nexus! [timeline]

Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus gets ICS 4.0.2 update a day before release

When you tear apart the Verizon Galaxy Nexus packaging with your teeth tomorrow and boot up you phone for the very first time, odds are pretty good that you'll be prompted to install an update right away. One of the central tenants of the Nexus line is that it gets frequent, timely updates straight from Google, and the Galaxy Nexus is no exception. Droid Life spotted one in the wild running an updated Ice Cream Sandwich firmware: Android 4.0.2.

Galaxy Nexus to cost $649 off-contract, on sale online at 1AM EST

A lot of you are probably counting out your pennies this very moment for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. New customers and those eligible for an upgrade can get the phone for $299.99 tomorrow, but if you don't fall into either of those categories, be prepared to shell out $649.99 for the off-contract price. A Verizon representative confirmed the full price to Android Community moments ago.

Verizon finally announces the Galaxy Nexus: December 15th for $299 [UPDATE]

Yes, America, there is a Santa Claus. Almost two months after the official Hong Kong announcement, and nearly as long since Verizon put up a generic signup page, the US carrier has finally announced availability information for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We've confirmed the information with a Verizon representative. Customers on a new or renewed two-year contract can pick up the first Ice Cream Sandwich phone on December 15th, tomorrow, for $299.99.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus Simulator webpage goes live

Hmm. We are still waiting for any sort of official announcement from Verizon that this phone is actually launching this week, but at least they are dropping us a few small hints. Verizon has just released a "simulator" page that allows users to basically experience the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from within a browser. Yes this is neat -- but I'd really just like the phone please.

Verizon’s white DROID RAZR on sale tomorrow, mum’s the word on the Galaxy Nexus

If you've been holding on to your three hundred bones, waiting on the prospect of chillier version of the Motorola DROID RAZR to land in time for Christmas, you needn't wait much longer. Verizon announced availability for the white variant via press release, just one day shy of its December 15th debut. Speed freaks and fashionistas can pick one up tomorrow at the regular $299 on-contract price.

Galaxy Nexus Galore: Hits Costco December 15th, on sale at Newegg, more

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus news just keeps flowing in from all angles this week and we have a few to report on. First off, the Verizon 4G LTE enabled Galaxy Nexus is still on track for December 15th, or so we think. Now Costco has helped confirm that rumor and minor detail with an ad spot confirming it will be on sale from December 15th to the 20th for just $289, according to Engadget. That isn't all the Nexi news either so stay tuned for more details.